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Painting the Exterior of a House

Painting the Exterior of a House

People hire contractors and designers to plan their perfect home. They take weeks and, at times, months to decide the shapes of rooms and the placement of furniture. The most important aspect of the house still remains the exterior. The exterior of the house creates the first impression of the house and usually represents its inhabitants. Most people prefer contract vinyl coating for their houses because it tends to last longer and stays clean. Over the paint a coat of OEM vinyl coating helps keep the material of the paint intact.

However, before applying paint or any kind of coating, the walls have to be completely clean. So, the process usually starts with giving the walls a simple wash. After that they have to be thoroughly inspected for damages such as cracks or holes. According to the condition of the walls, the appropriate repairs have to be done where they are needed. A little scraping and a few touch ups will help avoid problems that can give the whole wall a bad look later on.

The next step is to apply the paint itself. It has to be decided what brands of paint are better choices. If the paint chosen is not of a good brand, it might cause problems like not drying up in time. If painting the exterior of a home, paint has to be chosen to tolerate weather changes that occur throughout the year for example, where considerable rain falls, the paint must be water resistant. Will the color fade in direct sunlight? Moreover, summers cause expansion and winters cause contraction. All these factors, combined with the paint chosen, will greatly affect the look of the house as the paint ages.

There are specific techniques that are used to apply paint to walls. All the paint needs to be mixed at first since there might be slight differences of shade in paint for every other container. The job requires lots of patience and hard work. If the sun is out, the day needs to be planned such that after the shaded portion is painted, the sunlight can dry it off. While painting walls, door and windows, you have to take extra care since they will usually be painted differently. A good idea is to remove them completely until the paint dries out. Accidents in painting can be avoided by not trying to reach over places that are away from arm’s length and by making sure that the ladder is intact before climbing it.

Though most people enjoy painting their own houses and it is a common practice, some people prefer hiring contractors. These contractors may be the ones who built the house or they might be totally different ones. They decide the color combinations that best suit the house according to its surroundings and interior. These contractors can also take care of everything from checking for repairs to making sure the paint dries out in time. They also assist in picking out the correct brand of paint to ensure that the paint lasts for many years.