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Why We Use Hammers On Your Roof & Not Nail Guns

Why We Use Hammers On Your Roof & Not Nail Guns

Whilst technologies has changed appreciably in the 3 many years Atlanta Roofing Experts has been around, especially in the our industry, one point has not improved for us, our 1 strictest rule: We hand hammer each and every nail that goes into your roof, we in no way use nail guns on it.

It may possibly seem like we are currently being technophobic or “old-fashioned” but the truth is there are sound, functional reasons for hand nailing all our roofs that have nothing to do with being “old-fashioned” or nail-gun adverse.

Nail Guns Are Nice But They Are not For Roofing

Why We Use Hammers On Your Roof & Not Nail Guns
Nail guns result in challenges like this all the time!

For most of the building business nail guns certainly have their benefits, they have been about since 1950 and have enhanced drastically about the a long time, especially as technological innovation has progressed.

Nail guns make a ton of employment much more quickly and much easier for the organization and in numerous industries, it is effective just as nicely or improved than a hammer.

Nail guns have experienced a substantial impression on the construction business by eliminating the labor fees associated with hand nailing each and every nail. This outcomes in much less charges for the contractor and reduce expenditures for the home owner.

Even though nail guns have their benefits, when used in roofing installations they’ve been nothing at all but a disaster!

Roofs set up working with nail guns have problems 100% OF THE TIME

Nail gun engineering has improved considering the fact that their introduction 68 a long time back but they continue to purpose generally the similar and are matter to the regulations of physics. The regrettable truth is, even with progress in engineering, nail guns nevertheless have the exact same flaws they did when they were being released when it comes to roofing applications.

The motives for this are up for discussion, whether it’s a flaw in the technology or the particular consumer (the tendency to just pull the set off and hurry by the work will final result in challenges) but irrespective of the cause, roofs installed making use of nail guns have problems 100% of the time prompted by improperly pushed nails.

Nail Guns Pic
With success like this, why would we any roof contractor use nail guns?

The same challenges happen, just about every single time! The nails simply are not steady, some are driven substantially way too deep, other people not deep enough, some are at uncomfortable angles (resulting in damage), or some are missing entirely.

In 28 several years, every one nail gunned roof we’ve arrive across experienced troubles. Each single 1.

The dilemma is so bad, GAF, the most significant roofing company in North The us,  issued a Technical Advisory Bulletin a couple of several years in the past advising in opposition to the use of nail guns when putting in roofs as they may possibly void the warranty.

As one particular of the main troubles with nail guns is lack of regularity, GAF advises hand nailing to be certain the nails are flush to the surface of the roof.

It is much improved to simply just consider your time and do the occupation proper. At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we hand nail each solitary nail on your roof, it may well acquire a tiny longer and expense a small additional in labor, but getting it completed proper the 1st time is truly worth the excess hard work.

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