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Why We NEVER Use Nail Guns On Your Roof

Why We NEVER Use Nail Guns On Your Roof

There have been many advances in the roofing sector about the past three decades considering the fact that Atlanta Roofing Experts began, from snazzy roofing software to nicer trucks and machines, tablets, mobile wifi, and many others. So significantly enhances so speedily, we are continually upgrading items and staying on prime of the developments that make it possible for us to set up or repair our roofs promptly and efficiently without the need of sacrificing high-quality.

Although nearly almost everything close to us has adjusted over the past 29 a long time, one particular factor has not, we continue to use hammers only to set up each individual one roof. Never a nail gun.

It may well seem like we are remaining technophobic or “old-fashioned” but the truth is there are solid, practical good reasons for hand nailing all our roofs that have very little to do with staying “old-fashioned” or technologically adverse.

Nail Guns Are Good But They Are not For Roofing

Nail Gun Pic
Nail guns bring about challenges like this all the time!

For most of the construction business nail guns absolutely have their benefits, they have been all-around because 1950 and have enhanced substantially over the years, specially as technological innovation has progressed.

Nail guns make a good deal of positions substantially quicker and a lot easier for the organization and in numerous industries, it is effective just as properly or greater than a hammer, for them.

Nail guns have experienced a enormous influence on the development company by reducing the labor charges linked with hand nailing each nail. This final results in significantly less expenditures for the contractor and lower expenditures for the homeowner.

Whilst nail guns have their rewards for these other industries, when used in roofing installations they’ve been very little but a disaster!

Roofs put in using nail guns have problems 100% OF THE TIME

Nail gun technological know-how has enhanced because their introduction 70 a long time back but they however purpose generally the same and are subject to the legal guidelines of physics. The regrettable actuality is, even with development in technology, nail guns however have the very same flaws they did when they have been released when it will come to roofing applications.

The causes for this are up for debate, whether it’s a flaw in the technology or the precise consumer (the inclination to just pull the result in and rush by the work will outcome in issues) but irrespective of the rationale, roofs mounted applying nail guns have troubles 100% of the time caused by improperly driven nails.

Nail Guns Pic
With effects like this, why would any roof contractor use nail guns?

The exact troubles manifest, each individual one time! The nails basically aren’t reliable, some are driven much too deep, many others not deep enough, some are at awkward angles (triggering injury), or some are missing completely.

In 29 years, each individual single nail gunned roof we’ve come across experienced troubles. Every solitary 1.

The difficulty is so terrible, GAF, the major roofing maker in North The united states,  issued a Technical Advisory Bulletin a few of a long time back advising versus the use of nail guns when installing roofs as they may void the guarantee.

As just one of the major issues with nail guns is lack of regularity, GAF advises hand nailing to make sure the nails are flush to the area of the roof.

It’s a great deal far better to merely just take your time and do the work suitable. At Atlanta Roofing Specialists, we hand nail each single nail on your roof, it may possibly acquire a small extended and price tag a small a lot more in labor, but owning it performed proper the initial time is really worth the excess hard work.

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