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Why Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

Why Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

“Why should I get my dog groomed?” is a common question asked by dog owners in the UK. Even though many dog parents know that regular grooming is an important part of their pet’s health, not all of them regularly take their dog to a professional grooming salon. Read on to discover the benefits of professional dog grooming. 

Why Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

5 Of The Biggest Reasons To Get Your Dog Groomed

You can groom your dog yourself at home if you choose, however, it’s far easier to take them to a salon. You’re likely to see much better results if you put your pet in the hands of professional groomers. Not only are they skilled in cutting dogs’ hair and cutting their nails but they can also use tricks and techniques they’ve learned over the years to keep them calm and relaxed. Keep reading to learn why the answer to “Why should I get my dog groomed?” 

Keep Them Clean And Hygienic 

Grooming can help to keep your dog clean, removing dirt and grime that’s built up in their hair and paws over time. Dogs can become pretty mucky after playing outside and going on long walks, but regular grooming can keep their coat in optimal condition. Keeping your pet clean ensures they look their whilst and also helps them to feel much more comfortable. By getting rid of dirt and grease from their hair, their skin can breathe more easily. It can unblock the pores, preventing irritated skin.

Protect Their Health

There are many health benefits to regular dog grooming. For example, it allows you to identify any skin conditions such as lumps, soreness and scratches that could be hiding under your pet’s hair. An experienced groomer can find these quickly, as well as check the condition of their eyes, ears and feet. The spaces between your dog’s toes should be examined carefully since they can attract clumps of mud and grass. This can result in infection in some cases.

Get Rid Of Ticks And Fleas

Without regular grooming, some dogs can develop ticks and fleas. Left untreated, these pests can cause health problems. Ticks and fleas survive by feeding on your pet’s blood. They use their small but sharp teeth to burrow into their skin, penetrating into the bloodstream and in some cases spreading diseases such as Typhus. This blood-borne illness can be deadly. By grooming your dog regularly, you can help prevent and detect ticks and fleas on its skin. 

Prevent Matting

A dog’s hair can easily become matted if it’s not brushed and trimmed regularly. Matting is a condition in their fur that’s caused by dense knots and tangles. When it’s severe, it can pull the skin very tightly, restricting blood flow. Not only is it very painful but it can lead to other health issues such as skin irritations or infections. Plus, it can mask other health concerns or parasites, preventing them from being treated quickly. By taking your dog to a professional grooming salon a few times a year, you can help prevent their hair from becoming matted. 

Keep Nails Short 

Some people think that nail trimming isn’t necessary since a dog’s nails wear down naturally when they walk outside on hard surfaces. However, in most cases, dogs can benefit from having their nails regularly clipped. Sometimes, a dog’s nails aren’t worn down quickly enough, especially if they walk on softer ground like grass rather than pavements. Nail trimming can prevent nails from growing too long and causing problems, including growing into the paw. This can cause your dog a great deal of pain. Nails can also break if they get too long, potentially leading to bleeding and infection. 

How Often Should I Get My Dog Groomed?

Knowing how often to get your dog groomed can be tough. This is because some pets will need to be groomed more regularly than others. Whilst long-haired breeds such as Bearded Collies and long-haired Yorkshire Terriers will need their coats trimmed or their undercoats stripped up to four to six times a year, short-haired breeds like Staffies and Labradors don’t need grooming nearly as often. 

In regards to nail clipping, dogs that walk on tarmac won’t need to them doing as those that walk on softer ground or have reduced mobility because of arthritis or injuries. If you’re not sure how often to get your dog groomed, it’s best to seek advice from a professional groomer. 

Find A Reputable Dog Grooming Salon

Now you know the answer to “Why should I get my dog groomed?”, you may be looking to find a local dog grooming salon. Finding the right groomer can be challenging, especially if it’s your first dog or you have moved to a new town. The first thing you should do when looking for a dog groomer is to talk to other dog owners. 

Word of mouth is a fantastic way to find out who is the best groomer in your area. You could also check online reviews to find out what level of service you can expect to receive. The next step is to check a groomer’s qualifications and experience. Whilst dog groomers aren’t required to be qualified, they should have undertaken some form of training to develop the skills they need. 

You may also want to consider your pet’s temperament. If you know they are very anxious, taking them to a busy salon might not be the best option. A mobile groomer who can come to your house may be more appropriate. 

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