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Why Roof Repairs Should Be Prompt & Are Best Left To The Pros

Why Roof Repairs Should Be Prompt & Are Best Left To The Pros

No just one likes unexpected fees, specially large ones.  When it comes to roofing troubles, way too several undervalue roof damage and both try to jury rig a option, “fix it” by themselves, or worse overlook it completely!

This can and often does have pretty expensive repercussions, as most men and women are not professionals in roofing techniques and when the roof fails to route h2o adequately, the problems grows and spreads. The longer the difficulty sits, the worse it will get.

The pursuing is a few of legitimate tales of one home-owner who considered he’d patch a hole in his roof himself, considering it would be an “easy fix” only to locate out he designed the issue a lot, significantly even worse and yet another who seen issues but dismissed them for a 12 months:

The outcomes of bad roof repairs usually outcome in really high-priced repairs afterwards on!

DIY Roof Repair

Certainly, that is a piece of plywood, stealthily painted to kind of match the roof and basically screwed into the roof! Evidently a tree trimmer dropped a department onto the roof, damaging it. When the home owner observed it, he believed he’d just patch it with the plywood. Imagining this would fix the difficulty. it remained there for 2 many years! From the surface it did not seem so negative.


Immediately after noticing mysterious leaks he could not locate the resource of, he lastly named in a roof contractor to help. The roof contractor went straight the earlier repair service.

Following the roof contractor removed the “patch”, well, you can see for on your own. Rotted shingles, wood, decking, an expensive mess in fact as a massive portion of the decking/plywood beneath the patch and beneath it experienced to be replaced.

But hold out, there’s a lot more!


Whilst earning the “repair”, our hapless homeowner evidently experienced misstepped and unwittingly cracked a good part of the edge shingles.


And skipped a spot. A rather tiny on the lookout gap, but what lies underneath is just about anything but innocuous.

What does rotted decking from lacking shingles or punctures glance like?


Very similar harm to the prior photograph. Notice how moist the plywood is. There is no patching this, it is tear it and all the planks all over it out and exchange them. Experienced the harm been repaired properly when it transpired, this wouldn’t have been an concern.


In a different case, these householders knew they had a few lacking shingles here and there but assumed “What is changing a handful of missing shingles likely to price tag?” and allow it go for a yr. You can see from the image previously mentioned, it expense a ton for them. No other harm, just missing shingles. The image previously mentioned is what the roof contractor observed when they arrived and swept away the loose shingles that remained close to the missing shingles. It was evident this was going to turn into a much more substantial career.


This is the exact same roof with only the rotted, darkish, drinking water-stained plywood taken out, leaving the excellent plywood in place. All that insulation is ruined and had to be replaced. With this kind of comprehensive problems, a cleanup team experienced to come in and spray for black mildew in the attic!

These are not isolated incidents, this occurs a lot more usually then it ought to. Neglecting kinds roof or employing the wrong roofer can mean the change between a several hundred dollars in repairs to hundreds.

If you see missing, cracked, or buckled shingles or are not confident that Diy fix is holding up, phone your community expert roof contractor today! Have your roof inspected when a yr and report any damage promptly!

In Metro Atlanta get in touch with Atlanta Roofing Specialists at 770-419-2222 for a roofe repair estimate and really don’t fall sufferer to procrastination or undesirable roof repairs!