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When Two Beds Are Better Than One – Using Murphy Beds In A Custom Children’s Bedroom

When Two Beds Are Better Than One – Using Murphy Beds In A Custom Children’s Bedroom

When space is in limited supply in your child’s bedroom, incorporating murphy beds into the interior design is an inexpensive, attractive and functional solution. In simplest terms, a Murphy bed is a bed that is built into a wall, able to be pulled out only when needed and otherwise stored neatly and securely inside the wall, leaving all that extra room open for living space. This makes Murphy beds the perfect addition to an active child or shared children’s bedroom.

Murphy beds were created by William L. Murphy in the early 20th century and introduced to the world by his San Francisco based company, Murphy Bed Company. Formerly considered a trademark of Murphy Bed Co. exclusively, the term “Murphy beds” is now used for all beds that can be stowed inside of walls.

Murphy beds are the perfect addition to any custom theme bedroom, as they add versatility and functionality to any children’s bedroom of any size or design. Install a Murphy bed in your child’s bedroom to instantly open up loads of floor space in the room, giving you and your child both the feeling that you’ve added a whole other room to their room. Placing a Murphy bed in your kid’s bedroom creates extra space by day for play dates and can be pulled out at night to make for more comfortable sleepovers.

And Murphy beds can easily be incorporated right into the theme of your child’s custom theme bedroom. Whether it’s the plank or poop deck of a custom pirate ship bed, the battlement or inner drawbridge of a custom castle bed or the unfolding branches of a custom treehouse bed, a Murphy bed can enhance the design and beauty of any custom theme bedroom as much as it enhances the functionality of the custom theme bed.

Murphy beds also help keep your children’s bedrooms clean. How? For one, it keeps pets from taking up residence on top or underneath of your child’s bed. For another, when you tell your child to clean their room, no longer will they be able to simply shove everything under their bed. Plus, it’s difficult to store a Murphy bed without first making it – making it a perfect way to get your child into the habit of making their bed.

But Murphy beds don’t only appeal to parents. Kids love Murphy beds too. Their design seems almost magical to kids’ wonder-filled eyes. Kids take great pride in boggling their friends’ minds with where their bed is located then revealing with fond excitement their unique Murphy bed. In a very real way, kids see Murphy beds as a toy they get to sleep on. With the proper adult supervision, a child can even be taught to safely open and close the Murphy bed, giving them a real sense of accomplishment, and maturity.

And as your child grows up, they’ll appreciate how Murphy beds allow them extra space to use their room for studying or hanging out with friends – both activities any parent would be happy to have happening close by, safe and secure, under their own roof.

Having a Murphy bed in your child’s bedroom also helps add storage space to the rest of your home as you no longer need to take up valuable storage space elsewhere in the house with fold-out cots or other secondary beds for guests.