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What You Need to Know About Windows in Static Caravans

What You Need to Know About Windows in Static Caravans

With the Uk enduring what is shaping up to be one particular of our hottest summers yet, lots of have been tempted to search nearer to residence for their summer season holidays this yr. Turning to their static caravans for extra reasonably priced, available, and very long-term holiday households. As the fantastic weather continues, there has been a surge caravans caravan revenue – with prices escalating from £15,000 to £100,000 for a new caravan, and £5000 to £50,000 for a preowned 1.

It could be a massive expense, but holiday getaway residences are perfect for an quick getaway all year round. You could even already have a single or be hunting to enhance it. At Cloudy2Very clear, we want to enable you preserve your house away from home in best ailment for 12 months-round use. They may perhaps not be what initially will come to head, but discovering and maintaining the perfect windows for your caravan is crucial in the lengthy-phrase use of your mobile household. Here’s our information on every little thing you want to know about static caravan home windows.


When it comes to the windows in your static property, you are not confined to just the regular very simple sliding windows and doorways. You can retain your mobile residence home windows successful and practical even though also retaining the freedom to make your home away from home completely your have. From Bay windows with sill room, to the extra homely casement window, there are a extensive assortment of variations and patterns to accommodate your space.

If you are changing your home windows or picking out your caravan from scratch, consider how the layout of your home windows could possibly affect the over-all wellbeing of your caravan.


As with any house, be that mobile or otherwise, it is necessary that the construction is nicely insulated primarily for people in the Uk, exactly where it is typically cold and wet. Sadly, many getaway residences are not produced with exceptional insulation for maintenance and comfort and ease. A lack of insulation can have very long-time period negative affect on the general upkeep of your caravan with the elevated condensation from the absence of insulation, resulting in mould and damp.

This deficiency of insulation can not only cost you dollars in repairs down the line, but also in heating and electrical energy bills as your device loses heat faster in colder climates. these kinds of as further more north or in the wintertime months. Insulating your cellular residence guarantees the longevity of your property and can conserve you cash. Listed here are some recommendations to ensure your static caravan stays as cozy as your standard property.

  • Insulate your walls. Most static caravans attribute aluminium insulation as default, although you can update this cladding further more to maximise the insulating gains.
  • Obtain thermal curtains and blinds. Thermal curtains and blinds can support by proscribing airflow amongst the warm and cold locations of a place. Though double glazing reduces the transfer of warmth, thermal curtains can aid this warmth retention further more by building a barrier that prevents heat air escaping from the most important room via the window.
  • Further heating updates. It could possibly seem a little bit much for a static caravan, but putting in alternate heating methods these types of as underfloor heating can make all the variation in the wintertime months.
  • Look at upgrading to double glazed doorways and home windows. Double glazing insulates your property by building an air hole concerning the glass panes, insulating from heat transfer in the wintertime and maintaining your home cooler by trapping some of the rays in the summer season. This reduces expenditure on heating and air conditioning, and lessens condensation, trying to keep windows apparent and your property mould and moist absolutely free.

Making certain your cell home is very well insulated will preserve you income. No matter if you are going to in excess of the summer time or leasing out to holidaymakers – high quality insulation is often a fantastic financial investment.


Condensation can be a large issue in cellular property windows for a number of reasons. One of the most important brings about is because of to inadequate ventilation. Static caravans are also smaller than our regular residences, so condensation tends to build up faster. It is most apparent on home windows, primarily solitary glazing, as there is no barrier concerning the glass and the cold air exterior which stops the glass from warming up however, it can also be found on mirrors, cabinets, and cupboards.  Not dealing with this condensation can induce mould and moist to build up which can be damaging to the contents of your residence aswell as to your health!


Following reading through the previously mentioned, you’re in all probability thinking how to retain your static caravan to stay away from these troubles like condensation and draughts. Here are a number of of our attempted and tested tips on how to preserve your static caravan’s windows in fantastic condition.

  • Use moist absorption products. If you are most likely to be in the caravan for a when, go away some moist absorption crystals or some dishes of salt in each individual space. This aids soak up and lower any excess dampness.
  • Air out the mobile dwelling on a typical basis. When you get there, before you depart, even even though you are however there (weather conditions allowing), you can dry out your mobile dwelling by opening all the doors and home windows for as prolonged as you can. This will permit ventilation in your residence and apparent the dampness from the windows and surfaces.
  • Manage a continuous temperature. In its place of turning the heating up to max for shorter intervals of time in the winter season months when it gets particularly cold, check out preserving the inside temperature of your caravan at a steady comfortable temperature and place on a jumper or seize a blanket when you are feeling cooler. This keeps surfaces at a continuous temperature, alternatively of getting a drastic variation in temp for the dampness in the air to great down on – which can result in condensation.
  • Take safety measures although cooking. Make sure your extractor fan is on when you are cooking. Continue to keep the lids on your saucepans to lessen the water vapour that escapes into the rest of the caravan. Cellular residences are generally a lot lesser than your ordinary house and it will not choose lengthy for that moisture to find its way into each and every corner of the area.
  • Look at all your air vents. Preserve your air vents open and obvious, making guaranteed to verify them often for any obstructions. Not only does this guarantee no humidity is trapped in your mobile dwelling but it can also be valuable in an crisis by letting unsafe fumes escape ought to there be fireplace or a similar condition.
  • Concentrate on the toilet and kitchen. Whilst a very hot shower or bath may well be just what you want just after a extensive day, no place builds dampness fairly like a toilet. If you never have an extractor enthusiast in your kitchen or lavatory, assure you leave your windows open when working with both of these rooms at the very least until eventually the dampness clears and the room is dry. Wiping down the space with a dry cloth may perhaps also be beneficial and velocity up the system.
  • Make absolutely sure your static house home windows are in full working buy. Consistently checking your windows for damage can help save you a fortune in the very long run. Hunting above the seals for cracking or hurt, guaranteeing there is no clouding or fogging, hunting out for rot in the panes it’s vital to ensure your windows are in the very best condition they can be. If there is destruction, this could be enabling draughts and undesirable moisture to enter – leading to warmth loss and probable extensive term destruction.

Maintain Your Static Caravan’s Double Glazing with Cloudy2Clear

Failed double glazing in static residences can cause condensation and draughts, leading to even further troubles down the line. At Cloudy2Obvious, our caravan window mend providers offer you a assortment of added benefits. With the recognition of possessing a holiday break property on the increase, these services are a lot more in desire now than at any time.

Static caravans are outstanding to possess, though their scaled-down dimensions suggests the hazard of condensation constructing up is enhanced. Keeping your static caravan’s double glazing (or possessing it put in) will strengthen insulation, cutting down the likelihood of damages owing to condensation – such as damp and mould. The heat retaining qualities of double glazing will help you save you cash on energy, even though also raising the eco-friendliness of your vacation residence. You are going to locate you may preserve funds in the lengthy operate by checking your static caravan’s windows are double glazed and in comprehensive working get!

Contact us right now to find out more about how we can assist with your double glazing and static caravan home windows. You can also simply call our workforce now, on 0800 61 21 119.