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What Type of Loft Ladder Is Best?

What Type of Loft Ladder Is Best?

A loft is a pretty beneficial house the place you can retailer matters that you only have to have at times (like Xmas decorations). But to make use of your loft, you have to get up there first!

You can attain this with a equipped, extendable ladder. A loft ladder is a good investment for the reason that, when you are completed, you can just fold it back again up and keep it out of the way. It seriously is as straightforward as that!

Styles of loft ladders

All of these can be built from either metallic (usually aluminium) or wood.

What Type of Loft Ladder Is Best?

Loft Staircases

A elegant substitute to a classic loft ladder. Loft staircases are a modern and modern way to supply accessibility to a loft conversion or a mezzanine devoid of using up far too a great deal room. They’re normally a ton nicer to look at, and it is a terrific possibility to consider if you have the area. This possibility is best suited to lofts that have been transformed into rooms and involve rapid and easy obtain. 

Sliding Loft Ladders

Extending loft ladders are a marvelous substitute if you have minimal room to do the job with. They choose up incredibly very little room owing to their collapsible mother nature, furthermore they’re sturdy, protected and practical. There are lots of timber and aluminium ladders obtainable to match your home’s existing design and style, so you in no way have to fret about them sticking out like a sore thumb.

Concertina Loft Ladders

Concertina loft ladders present terrific entry for those awkward areas in the residence, specially wherever the hatch space or ground place is constrained. Many thanks to the ladder’s compact layout, you will be ready to make the most of your living room. These loft ladders are incredibly light-weight and quick to work, so there is no have to have to faff close to. 

Now, it’s all well and superior to know about the unique varieties of loft ladder, but there’s some thing else to think about: content. Wood and aluminium have their very own rewards and drawbacks, so we have broken them down for you beneath. 

Aluminium Loft Ladders


Aluminium will always give you a solid and durable indicates of accessing your loft. Aluminium is durable nevertheless lightweight, and steel ladders tend to have a streamlined look that’s a great healthy for present day residences.

Aluminium loft ladders provide a fantastic offer of flexibility. You can obtain them in the extendable or sliding variety, or as a folding ladder. This works well with their diminished bodyweight as you can make certain utmost relieve of use no matter your level of system power. 


In comparison to wooden loft ladders, aluminium ladders are a lot louder and will make a little bit of sound when pulled out or prolonged. Depending on the reason of your loft ladder and its placement, this could be one thing to look at when deciding on what kind of loft ladder is finest for you. 

Whilst they may perhaps not be as cumbersome as timber loft ladders, the aluminium loft ladders do glance extra industrial in design and style.  This could not fit in with your home decor, but it is essential to note that most loft ladders are normally concealed from view till they want to be used. 

Wooden Loft Ladders


A wood loft ladder is a durable alternative with a wonderful, conventional aesthetic. Timber loft ladders are great at having hefty hundreds, whilst this does count on the type of wooden used. 

Based on the aesthetics of your property, a wood loft ladder can insert a homely, authentic nevertheless traditional experience to your residence. 

Down sides

Wooden is a great deal heavier than aluminium. In regards to protection, you should really think about regardless of whether you will be capable to take care of the ladder securely without dropping regulate of it. 

A couple protection guidelines to maintain in mind when using your loft ladder:

  1. Manage 3 factors of get in touch with with the ladder at all periods – really don’t attempt and show off by applying no palms.
  2. Question for help if you are having difficulties – it is normally better to be secure than sorry.
  3. Put on practical and strong footwear to keep away from slipping or tripping.
  4. Check out that the hatch and loft ladder are sturdy in advance of climbing.