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What is Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation?

What is Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation?

Insulation is a single of the most critical facets of an electrical power-efficient and snug dwelling. As this kind of, it is essential you assure you pick out the appropriate insulation. Just about every property advancement contractor and their pet will have a diverse belief on the greatest style of insulation, but the fact is, what is very best is subjective (and typically based mostly on the kind of elements the contractor sells). We do factors a small in different ways at Home windows on Washington. We base our suggestions on our many years of encounter and benefits.

This post has been released for these studying the very best insulation solutions,  particularly focusing on fiberglass free fill insulation and almost everything you need to know about these insulation products. Prepared? Enable us dive in.

What is Fiberglass Unfastened Fill Insulation?

To start with issues first: what is fiberglass loose fill insulation? Fiberglass is a very popular and well-liked insulation material owing to the fact it is economical, quick to put in, resistant to moisture harm, and non-flammable. You can invest in fiberglass pre-formed as blanket batts and rolls, or you can get loose fill to make your have insulating divisions.

Is Fiberglass Free Fill Insulation Harmful?

A popular concern we are questioned about fiberglass unfastened fill insulation is if it is unsafe. The actuality is, fiberglass is a unsafe lung and pores and skin irritant, which is why you should generally wear protective equipment when dealing with it. You should really by no means permit your bare pores and skin to come into contact with the material. That is not to say you should really keep away from fiberglass loose fill insulation, but relatively just be incredibly careful, and go away the set up to qualified home enhancement contractors. 

Is Cellulose Insulation Superior than Fiberglass Free Fill Insulation?

It is critical to be aware that distinctive insulation components operate ideal in various programs about the home. When it comes to the ideal insulation for free fill in attics, we are generally requested no matter whether cellulose or fiberglass free fill insulation is ideal. 

At WoW, we advise borate only stabilized cellulose. Why? There are various factors:

  • Improved efficiency: The R-worth of borate stabilized cellulose is a lot bigger compared to unfastened fiberglass stuffed insulation.
  • Eco-friendly: Cellulose is made from recycled supplies, producing it the more eco-pleasant decision.
  • Pest-deterrent: In conditions of pests, borates are just one of the most powerful insecticides for your property.
  • No VOC: Borate stabilized cellulose does not comprise VOC (unstable organic compounds) written content and does not offset fuel like ammonium sulfate stabilized cellulose or formaldehyde that contains fiberglass does.

Is there a downside to employing borate stabilized cellulose? Perfectly, it is normally a lot more expensive than fiberglass loose fill insulation, but the gains of using cellulose more than fiberglass make it a worthwhile expenditure. 

When Must You Decide on Fiberglass Insulation?

Fiberglass loose fill insulation is at the moment dominating the building housing marketplace. Nevertheless, builders are at present below enormous strain to generate a stunning new household, but at the identical time minimize costs and remain in a particular budget. Should really you totally steer apparent of fiberglass insulation? Not essentially, but you should undoubtedly be aware of the pursuing: 

  • Fiberglass insulation does not successfully protect your household from bugs or pests.
  • Fberglass is a pores and skin and lung irritant.

Potentially the biggest problem when it will come to fiberglass insulation is that it is issue to convective air motion, which signifies it success in a substantial degradation of the cumulative R-Value. 

Basically, it suggests whilst you as a property owner have compensated for the Electricity Star encouraged R-49 in your attic, the genuine environmental general performance of free fill fiberglass is far more like R-25 or considerably less when you require it most.

Why WoW Chooses Cellulose Insulation Rather

At WoW, we believe that picking the correct insulation must be primarily based on authentic-existence performance, and not what is most wallet-helpful or what is most popular. That is why we use borate only cellulose for all of our loose-fill insulation projects. Accurately set up cellulose insulation with qualified air sealing will in the long run improve the comfort and ease of your property and dramatically cut down your utility expenses.

If you have to have support with your following insulation venture, get in touch with the WoW staff today for a free quotation. 

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