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What Are the Most Common Faults with Double Glazing?

What Are the Most Common Faults with Double Glazing?

In most scenarios, double glazing faults get a long time to seem – some individuals really don’t expertise any issues with their double glazing at all. 73% of persons experience no problems in any respect in the initial 10 decades with their double glazing. Nonetheless, faults can materialize, primarily in excess of time. Determining the trouble early on and obtaining someone to resolve your double glazing faults is crucial in keeping your home well insulated and secure.

At Cloudy2Distinct, we’re main professionals in furnishing good quality double glazing options. We’re committed to giving the ideal double glazing expert services, with in excess of 15 several years of encounter in marketplace. We’re also passionate about informing the general public about ways to figure out their double glazing has made a fault – as any challenges lower the energy efficiency of your residence.

Here’s our guide to the most widespread double glazing complications, as outlined by a 2021 study by Which.


Windows or doorways turning into tricky to open up or shut (30%)

If your double glazed home windows or doors turn out to be tricky to open up and shut, they may well have to have fixing. Your doors and windows can fail because of to mechanical reasons, these as locks and handles remaining faulty or hinges shifting above time. It is worthy of examining each hinge, cope with, and lock to identify where the difficulty is coming from ahead of seeking a restore.

They can also increase extra tricky to use efficiently because of to climate disorders. When it is very hot outside the house, your frames and windows can broaden – shrinking once more as soon as the climate becomes chilly. This places strain on your fixtures and can result in them to reduce their form around time. To steer clear of this, wipe in excess of your window and door frames with chilly water in incredibly warm weather.


Windows or doorways dropping around time, so they don’t match as effectively (20%)

A single of the essential explanations windows or doors come to be really hard to open or near is that they have dropped around time. As we outlined over, this can happen thanks to the weather conditions or mechanical faults. A double glazed window or door that doesn’t match the body properly loses its vitality effectiveness, since great air can enter the dwelling by way of even the smallest of gaps among the frames. This is why it is important to get the difficulty preset as before long as feasible.

Other key indicators your double glazing requirements correcting owing to sagging involve:

  • Loose hinges that don’t increase when you tighten the screws
  • Doors and windows that get ‘stuck’ when you open and shut them
  • No enhancement to the issue when you have oiled the hinges and handles
  • Experience a draught coming into the property where the window or doorway does not healthy properly

Locks not performing (15%)

The locks on your windows and doors can also fail, meaning the protection of your household is compromised. To maintain your household and possessions secure, get any damaged locks fixed as before long as you discover them.


Glass steaming up or challenges with condensation (14%)

When moist, humid air will come into speak to with colder surfaces, condensation can variety. Steamed glass is a undesirable sign for double glazed home windows, as the constant presence of h2o by the seals about your window can weaken the seal – sooner or later producing gaps and allowing heat air escape your house. Excessive amounts of condensation can also consequence in mould all around your home windows, as the damp air provides the perfect situations for mould to expand and unfold.

If you discover condensation or cloudiness concerning the two panes of your double glazing, your windows possibly need replacing. This can materialize at any point with double glazing, especially in the wintertime months as your property is kept at a warmer temperature than it is outdoor.

The excellent information in this article is that there are preventative steps you can just take that assist keep away from the challenge of condensation in the first location.

  • Ventilate rooms with fresh air, opening home windows when the weather conditions is not way too chilly
  • Open windows when showering or bathing to let steam escape
  • Use extractors the place doable, these as your oven extractor supporter
  • Install air flow techniques – trickle vents and air bricks can help
  • Use a dehumidifier to decrease the humidity levels in your property

Seals about doors or home windows failing (12%)

As we outlined previously mentioned, the seals in your double glazed windows or doorways can are unsuccessful. This can happen for a range of factors, but it’s significant that you get these faults fastened to keep the strength performance of your home windows.

·       All-natural Wear and Tear Over Time

As our home windows age, so does the top quality of the seals all-around them.

·       Temperature Destruction

In summertime months, your windows are exposed to large temperatures that can bring about the glass to extend. This locations extra tension on the seal as it copes with the extra body weight. At night time when the climate cools down, the glass then shrinks. This repeated approach can damage the seal thanks to the frequent growth and shrinking of glass putting further anxiety on the seal.

·       Faulty Manufacturing

Broken window seals can end result from defective producing or faulty resources employed to set up your double glazed windows. To stay away from this from the starting, look for a top quality double glazing specialist with excellent evaluations. If damaged seals occur owing to item faults, your producer may perhaps have a window warranty in location so it is normally well worth checking prior to you find a repair.

  • Improper Maintenance
    The much more care we address our windows with, the for a longer period they will very last. If you use harmful items on your windows these as tension washers or solid cleansing solutions that can put on the plastic down, this can hurt the seal.

Double glazing cracking or shattering (4%)

Home windows can break or crack, dependent on the temperature situations and the way you deal with them. While this is the least typical of the explanations double glazing gets defective, it can materialize. Avert any damage to your windows by:

  • Decide for tempered glass when you have your double glazing fitted.
  • Pick pale-coloured window coverings avoiding exreme temperature variations.
  • Lower humidity in your household by using a dehumidifier, specially in far more extreme temperatures.
  • Be careful around your double glazed windows and check out for any scratches in the glass frequently. Any damage to the glass produces weak points, which can later on lead to more problems to your home windows.

Fix Your Double Glazing with Cloudy2Clear

If you’ve discovered any of the higher than concerns with your double glazed windows, it’s time to get them fixed! Fixing your windows promptly is important to preserving your home strength successful, lessening your heating bills as your windows work to insulate your dwelling by themselves.

For a lot more information and facts about how Cloudy2Clear can correct your double glazing, get in contact with our knowledgeable workforce on 0800 61 21 119. We can deliver you with a free, no obligation quote so you know just how much your repairs will charge you. You can also fill out our useful on-line contact variety if you’d like us to get back to you to focus on your estimate.