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Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | August 6, 2022

Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | August 6, 2022

Today’s Homeowner Radio Podcast | August 6, 2022
This week, master how to clean up previous wallpaper and guard a wood-framed shower window from drinking water destruction. (Sandy Knollenburg/simplyzel, Getty Visuals)

Hour 1

In Hour 1, listen to our strategies for matching wood posts to vinyl, cleaning aged wallpaper, and more.  

Matching Wooden Posts to Vinyl

Split screen of an elevated porch
Matching these wooden assist posts to the vinyl posts is as quick as making use of a coat of paint. (Pics by Doug May possibly)

Doug May possibly has a great check out of the Blue Ridge Mountains on his protected again porch. But, the perspective of his porch is not as satisfying.

“The higher component has vinyl sleeves above the top of the posts. Everything’s included and it is great and smooth and white. But down below, it is just strain-treated wooden, with all the cracks and gaps,” Doug says. 

He wishes the wooden assistance posts on the floor to match the white vinyl posts on the porch higher than. What is stopping him from covering the wood posts with vinyl is the diagonal wooden braces. He’s concerned about the stress of connecting the lots of vinyl parts on the diagonals and sealing them.

“What I want is the smooth seem and feel of the vinyl on the posts beneath. Is there a way to do that?” Doug asks.  

Vinyl sleeves are pricey! If you want the posts to match, consider this spending plan-helpful possibility: 

1st, clean up the wood posts and implement a coat of primer.

Then, use car human body filler (like Bondo) to sleek out the cracks. The moment that dries, lightly sand the posts. 

Then, caulk the spots wherever the diagonal braces meet the vertical posts. 

Finally, use two coats of acrylic latex paint.

As soon as you do this, no a single will know a single established of posts is vinyl and the other set isn’t! The acrylic paint will give it a glossy search and seal the joints. 

If you choose you want to protect the posts with vinyl, take away 1 submit at a time, together with the diagonal supports, and connect the vinyl sleeves to each individual piece. 

Miter slash the finishes of the sleeves to in good shape the diagonal brace posts, and thoroughly caulk just about every seam so water doesn’t get in.

Don’t caulk the bottom of the diagonal brace pieces exactly where the wooden fulfills the submit. If drinking water have been to get inside of the vinyl, you want it to be in a position to drain out and dry. 

How to Cleanse Outdated Wallpaper

Old wallpaper
Original wallpaper can retain an previous home’s physical appearance genuine to its age. (Photograph by Sandy Knollenburg)

Sandi Knollenburg acquired a 100-12 months-previous farmhouse in Bloomington, Unwell., 5 decades ago, and she’s been renovating it minor by tiny.

Correct now, she’s operating on the stairwell area. The partitions that prolong from the initial ground to the next are coated in wallpaper from the 1960s.

Sandi enjoys the sample, and the wallpaper is continue to in quite superior shape! All it requires is a fantastic cleaning.  

So, she wonders, “What’s the very best way to thoroughly clean and preserve the wallpaper?”

Most modern-day wallpapers have an acrylic or latex coating that can make them washable and, in some situations, scrubbable.

Older wallpaper is just simple paper, so you do not want to get it damp. If you do, it will peel off the wall.

Check out these options to get rid of the grime and dust: 

  • Wipe the wallpaper with a significant, dry sponge.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner.
  • Connect a microfiber cloth to a Swiffer-type mop for hard-to-reach spots.

To take away skids and scuffs, use a gum eraser. You can get these at an art offer retailer.

Yet another selection is a dry Magic Eraser. If that does not get the job done, frivolously dampen it.

Hour 2

In Hour 2, master how to avoid wooden rot in a shower window, clear away sediment from h2o, and far more.

Guarding a Wooden Window Frame in a Shower

Fearful about water harming a wood-framed shower window? Shield it with tile. (simplyzel, Getty Illustrations or photos)

A caller wants information on tiling close to a window in his shower. The wooden frame sticks out slightly, so he simply cannot tile in excess of it. 

“What do you do to treat that to make it so that the water is not damaging that wood and producing wood rot?” he asks. “And much more importantly, (guarantee) that h2o is not acquiring at the rear of that and producing problems to the shower?”

A ton of older homes have this problem. Commonly, at just one place in time, the bathroom experienced just a tub with a window previously mentioned it. Then somewhere alongside the way, a shower was set up. 

I have found a good deal of homeowners put a shower curtain about the window, but seldom does that past extensive.

To protect the wooden frame from drinking water destruction, encapsulate the window body with the tile. 

Before you lay the tile, be confident to caulk and paint the body. Bring the tile up to the wooden and then overlap added tile over the window body. This will defend the frame from the water and give it a awesome, pronounced glance. 

If drinking water can continue to hit it immediately, put in a watertight window.

To absolutely get rid of any likelihood of wooden rot, clear away the window and change it with a vinyl 1.  

Doing away with Sediment in Water

Sick of sediment in your drinking water? It’s time for a new drinking water filter. (pixelshot)

Pablo Sandoval, of Willow Creek, Calif., is ill of sediment in his water. His household attracts water from a deep nicely and all wastewater flows into a septic tank. 

“For most of the yr, the drinking water source is very good, but every summer we have a problem with sediment that clogs aerators at sinks and showerheads,” Pablo suggests. “Plus, the washing device usually takes endlessly to fill with h2o. What can we do to reduce these issues?”

Sediment complications are more repeated in the summertime mainly because water degrees are commonly lessen.

“During the summer season months, the water desk tends to drop, because of in component to plants getting up water from the soil surface just before it can reach the drinking water table,” Countrywide Geographic states.

“The water table stage is also motivated by human extraction of groundwater applying wells groundwater is pumped out for drinking h2o and to irrigate farmland.”

For Pablo, there’s fewer drinking water but the same amount of sediment in the program, so it finds its way to the pump and into his property. 

Here’s the resolution: Pablo will will need to have a nicely drinking water contractor acquire a look at his pump. And he may possibly require a new nicely monitor. 

Also, here are two choices to think about:

  • Have a drinking water very well contractor put in a sand separator on the pump. This device utilizes centrifugal force to force filth, sand and particles outward to the separator wall and downward in a spiral motion. The cleaned water then rises and returns to the plumbing system. 
  • Set up a sediment filter in the home. There are many possibilities readily available, but we advocate the Braukmann Reverse rinsing fine filter.

Best New Item

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Very simple Remedies

This Uncomplicated Option keeps you from continually refilling your kitchen area soap dispenser. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

Improved Cleaning soap Dispenser — Kitchen area-sink cleaning soap dispensers keep these kinds of a tiny amount of liquid cleaning soap that it calls for you to constantly refill the reservoir bottle. Here’s a far better option:

  • Lift off the hand pump from the dispenser, pull off the plastic fill tube, and exchange it with a long versatile quarter-inch-diameter tubing.
  • Feed the opposite close of the tubing down by way of the gap in the sink deck and position it in a big jug of liquid soap.

Now you are going to hardly ever have to refill the dispenser basically substitute the cleaning soap jug as soon as it is empty. 

Check out: Soap Dispenser Filling Idea

Gutter on the corner of a house with vinyl siding
If you are installing gutters on vinyl siding, run the drill in reverse for sleek holes. (Garrett Aitken, Getty Visuals)

Easy Cut in Vinyl Siding — When applying a hole noticed to drill by means of vinyl siding, run the drill in reverse. That way, the gap noticed will produce a awesome cleanse hole with no tough edges.

When you slice as a result of the siding, swap the drill to ahead and bore via the wall sheathing.

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