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The Best Bedroom Decor for 2022

The Best Bedroom Decor for 2022

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A beautiful bedroom

A beautiful bedroom

Want to upgrade your bedroom with a better aesthetic and promote calmer sleep? With just a little bit of creativity, planning, and tons of great décor options, you can do just that in no time. And even if you can’t, we’re here to help you out!

Inarguably, bedrooms are the ultimate comfort spot in a house. This is why decorating it and creating the desired vibe is important. A simple change of wall décor, lighting, putting a plush rug in front of a floor mirror, or adding colorful cushions to a couch can uplift the whole look. Try to invest in some timeless pieces, staying minimalistic with safe combinations and materials.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or redoing everything, we’ve gathered the finest bedroom décor of 2022 and reviewed them for you in detail. These decorative bedroom products, and some awesome ideas, will make your update hassle-free.

Top Picks

Best overall: Furora Lighting LED Flameless Candles

It is perfectly normal to want everything right in your home

It is perfectly normal to want everything right in your home

This battery-operated candle set tops our recommendation list with its innovative features. It offers a realistic flickering, and non-flickering, flame light effect in a warm amber yellow color, great for promoting a cozy vibe. This set of three candles is powered by batteries and controlled by remote control. You can turn them on or off with the remote or at the bottom of each candle. It also allows you to set a timer for two, four, six, and eight hours. And, the wax layer makes them look just like a real candle, without all the dripping and mess. These options are completely safe to leave on through the night and the warm light creates a soothing ambiance in any setting. The remarkable appeal and aesthetic value this option provide clearly earn it our top spot.

Key Features:

Multipurpose design: Greenco Bedroom Corner Shelf

These shelves will look great in any room and are an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.

These shelves will look great in any room and are an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, etc.

This decorative corner shelf is a multipurpose item, offering ample storage space and looking great on a wall. It can also be mounted in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and more. The five-tier design allows you to store tons of everyday items as well as decorative pieces. It’s lightweight and still super sturdy, sporting impressive weight endurance. The floating shelf design is separated into multiple shelving, catering to a wide variety of items. And, this corner shelf can be assembled in no time, coming with all the hardware needed to mount it on a wall, making the whole process a lot simpler.

Key Features:

Kid-friendly: Ophanie Plush Bedroom Rugs

This extremely soft, velvety carpet is made from polyester material

This extremely soft, velvety carpet is made from polyester material

This solid color rug is a shag carpet type, offering an incredibly soft surface to sit and relax on. There’s a high-density sponge inner layer, working as a shock absorber. And, you won’t need to add any extra padding underneath to keep it from sliding. This option is perfect for creating an overlaid rug look and giving a room a cozy vibe. It can also be paired with a low-pile, pattern, or printed rug for a layered look. The extremely soft velvety carpet surface is made from a safe and durable polyester that’s kid and pet-friendly. This carpet features a soft top layer of velvet material, shielding knees, toes, and hands and it also makes a great place for sitting – this is a perfect item for a kid’s room. The ring-spun yarn holds all the fibers closely, ensuring there’s no shedding.

Key Features:

Hypoallergenic material: Styleonme Star Moon Dreamcatcher

Simple dream catcher, weaving by hand, weaving with made of pure natural material

Simple dream catcher, weaving by hand, weaving with made of pure natural material

This handmade decorative item is just great for cozying up a sleeping area. The weaving is done on a pure natural cotton material in a soft, warm off-white color. The material is a hypoallergenic and completely safe addition to your room. This dreamcatcher elegantly drapes on the wall, creating a soulful look. And, it comes with hooks for quick and easy installation as well as intertwined firefly lights, arrangeable in any way you like. Additionally, this versatile product can work in multiple settings, from a bedroom to a kid’s room to a living room. It also makes a great gift for Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas, and more.

Key Features:

Customizable design: Vont Starry Fairy Lights

A newly added on and off switch means you will not have to deal with having to plug and unplug power cords

A newly added on and off switch means you will not have to deal with having to plug and unplug power cords

These fairy lights feature three light strands expertly crafted for daily use, both indoors and outdoors. They don’t use much energy and never heat up, even after hours of use. These products are highly versatile too. You can wrap them around other items, shape them into balls and turn them into wall art without worrying about warping, breakage, or hot spots. They provide a great deal of length and have tons of LED bulbs, giving a soft, warm glow to a room. And, these lights come with a UL-certified adapter and each light is packed after a thorough and rigorous quality check, ensuring that they’re safe to use. This option is also plated and sealed so they won’t break easily. There’s also an easy-to-use on and off switch for quick operation.

Key Features:

A buying guide to the ultimate bedroom decor

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you decorate your room:

Choosing décor for a bedroom

To turn a space into a sanctuary, expressing your style while providing a warm and calm vibe, you need to remember a few main rules.

Go for soothing shades

Try to stick with gentle, soothing shades – opt for monochromatic, restful tones like soft hues of blue, green, or lavender. This applies to decorative items as well. If you’re painting the walls, these are the tones you need to follow. These colors are calm, and serene and set a mood of comfort in an environment. Rich jewel-toned hues, toasty browns, and topaz also look great if your room receives a lot of sunlight.

Add multiple lighting options

It’s good having more than one source of light in a sleeping area. Spread small light sources throughout the room, use small lamps for reading, ambient lighting for larger areas, and accent lighting for a soft illumination wash on a wall. Add fairy lights, dream catchers, and wall art with supportive lighting, giving a soft golden night glow for a great sleeping experience. You can also opt for statement lighting.

Keep it minimal

A sleeping space should stay simple, cozy, and elegant. And this can’t be achieved by just stuffing items on a wall or the floor. Do not overdo it with furniture, only keep things that you need for sitting, sleeping, or working. Avoid unnecessary clutter, keep it to a statement piece of art, some photos, or maybe a few candles.

Pay attention to windows

The way you cover and frame your windows defines the vibe of your room. You can add texture and color to the space by hanging curtains or drapes. If you love having a bright room, hang sheer and flowy curtains, lightly filtering light. You can also add fairy lights here, layering the illumination for a cozy environment.

Vibrant artwork

The simplest way of toning down or energizing a room is by adding artwork. You can add more color, texture, and character by finishing a wall up with a patterned window treatment or an upholstered headboard.

Double up on rugs and carpets

You can match and layer rugs one on top of another for an interesting, dynamic look. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet or hardwood flooring, rugs will always add coziness and a laid-back feeling to a space. You can play with the textures, pile lengths, plushness, and patterns, creating a fresh new look. A plain carpet or rug, topped with another fully printed, colored, and plush rug can look absolutely fabulous.

Install a wallpaper

If your room is filled with minimalistic cuts, simple colors, and plain furniture, especially traditional white furniture, a vibrant wallpaper will look perfect. Wallpapers come in poppy prints, or ones specially designed for kid’s rooms, teenager’s rooms, or calmer, subtler prints for adults. This is a commitment-free way of upgrading your walls.

Simple tips for decorating a bedroom with accessories

Here are a few tips for combining, choosing, and decorating your bedroom like a pro:

Combine textures and colors

For large furniture items and fixtures, it’s best to play it safe with neutrals. But you still have a lot of freedom to mix, match and experiment with smaller, inexpensive accessories and decorative items. You can break things up with varying textures and pops of colors, adding visual interest and building contrasting layers in the room.

Decorate in layers

These kinds of items cover a vast variety of decorative items and accessories. Larger products should be placed first, medium or small-sized accessories should come next, balancing and filling any empty space. You don’t need to overdo it, just make sure you leave some breathing room, don’t stuff the bedside table with electric candles, photo frames, rattan baskets, and lamps – this just makes it harder to locate what you need.

Go for asymmetrical arrangements

Symmetry isn’t always ideal, and frankly, it’s not exactly in style anymore. Having the same vases, lamps, candles or decorative mirrors on both your bedside table or mantle can seem plain and a little boring. You should arrange these products in an odd number, group them randomly and play a little. For instance, a shelf can have books, seashells, and a small vase, all mixed together.

Quality over quantity

When it comes to decorative items, less is more. And these sparse items should be picked with care. One unique piece of decoration is better than a bunch of mass-produced items.

Get your proportions right

Both overstuffing and underdoing a room can look awkward. You must have seen a house with a postage-stamp design rug placed in a coliseum-sized bedroom – not exactly appealing, right? You need to ensure that the items you’re getting aren’t too large for a wall or too small, looking weird and out of place.

What are some bedroom décor trends in 2022?

We’ll explore a few top ones here:

Be bold with blue and green: Sleeping areas are meant to be calm and soothing, what’s better for that than hues of green and blue? Inky teal is also a great pick for a serene and sophisticated vibe. You can add small vases, pots, figures, and rugs in these colors, instantly uplifting a room.

Panels: This year’s top trends include paneling walls, offering more depth and texture. Paneled walls are a timeless feature, you can opt for bold hues, or more neutral ones, according to the furniture and other furnishings in the space.

Supersizing the headboard: Grand headboards are a big deal this year. Matte colorful patterns, instead of monotonal glossy shapes and textures, are gaining steam. And, headboards don’t need to be rectangular, you can go with curved options as well as free-form asymmetrical styles.

Big art pieces: Prominent, large-sized art pieces strongly and instantly define your style. Instead of hanging two frames on the main wall, use a big, classic abstract artwork piece. And, experimenting with colors is very in this year.

Boho color palettes in furniture: Colored furniture and neutral wall paint make a killer combination. This trend works perfectly well for kids’ rooms, they tend to outgrow color schemes and this makes it easier to change.

Shopping for a sleeping area can easily turn into an overwhelming task, everything needs to come together, complimenting a certain look or feel. This includes the lighting, decorative wall items, throws and cushions on a bed, ottomans and other seating spaces, carpets and rugs, paint, and everything visible. If you’re looking to get something for amping up a room, you’ll be amazed to find lots and lots of items and options. To help, we’ve designed this guide for you to explore and navigate the best bedroom décor in 2022.

People also asked

Q: What are the most commonly used bedroom décor items?

A: The most common items include rattan baskets, dried flower decorations, cloud mirrors, wicker furniture items, fire bowls, and candles.

Q: What should you avoid when putting together bedroom décor?

A: A few common mistakes include using disproportional items, blocking natural light sources, using furniture that’s too matching, wall color and décor incompatibility, too much symmetry, and just generally overdoing it.

Q: How many walls should I decorate in the bedroom?

A: A general rule of thumb for decorating walls is leaving a 40% blank area, then filling the remainder.