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Swing Doors – The Innovative Alternative to French Doors

Swing Doors – The Innovative Alternative to French Doors

Made from lightweight yet durable proprietary-formula aluminum and thick glass panels, swing doors look like sleeker, more contemporary versions of traditional French doors. They are easier to set up, requiring little need for any hacking or hammering on the area of installation. The measurements just have to add up to provide a perfect fit.

French doors are characterized by the multiple glass panels or ‘lights’ that are set within the full length of the door frame. Traditionally made from wood, the doors are assembled from individual pieces of glass and mullions (piece of hardware that divide the opening of a pair of doors). First invented to allow light to shine through the interiors of houses during the pre-electricity era, this ornate door design now serves more as a decorative addition to living spaces.

Swing doors carry the multi-panel design aesthetic of French doors with a contemporary twist. Because the door frames are made from sleek, sturdy aluminum rather than wood, they are perfect for eclectic room interiors that balance classic and modern design elements. Homeowners are also not limited to traditional clear glass panes. Depending on their taste or preference, they can have the door lights frosted, in linen, or laminated. Because the installation of these doors can be done in a matter of minutes, it is relatively less expensive to opt for these modern doors as opposed to having a French door made. For individuals who wish to retain the old-world elegance of their multi-panel doors, they can have the frames of their swing doors coated with a faux wood finish.