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Segway Scooter Evening Security

Segway Scooter Evening Security

The Segway Scooter is a excellent concept for moving individuals close to, it will make so a great deal perception and it is so exciting to cruise all-around on. Not long ago a mate and I were cruising around and I observed that the Segway taken care of very well when pitting in opposition to uneven sidewalks where by roots had pushed them up. Sometimes it was enjoyment to travel off these as if a tiny leap. Of program I later believed, that it may well be terrifying, even unsafe if just one ended up to do this at nighttime, when there had been no streetlights or moon out.

I propose that we put lights on the Segway Smart Technological know-how for night driving, but also do not would like to attract down the battery electricity. Is it attainable to construct a light, which can light up the sidewalk or route with no drawing down the Segway battery? There are electrical power economical lights, but is there a way to entirely skip the battery use and even now have a bright mild in which to see for safety? How about a unit which would enrich the currently unparalleled maneuverability, freedom of motion and advanced power technique 1, which would permit the complete energy to the built-in manage method and embedded sensors? That’s what I am speaking about.


There are so lots of new advances in the Segway, but can we consider it to the up coming stage and further than? I suggest a revolutionary new night safety lighting program for my new Segway employing electromagnetic induction technologies to demand a capacitor instead of the lights working off a battery or power source.

Now there are some nifty micro-flashlights getting employed which you can purchase which use a equivalent strategy and are offered thanks to the Everlite Flashlight technology exploration lab. These more compact flashlights work by shaking them for about 30 seconds and shine for about 6 minutes and they shine fairly shiny due to the fact they use a incredibly vivid LED mild. Here is a backlink to this residence use flashlight:


Correct now of training course we are using just one of these and we have just duct taped it to the Segway and will consider it out tonight, the query is can we get Segway’s new Licensee WowWee to integrate these types of a machine into the molded plastic style or can we get two of them one going through down and one particular struggling with ahead. With sensors, which transform them on as the sunshine goes down so they will shine and be all set just right before it receives dim like the city’s road lights. People it is time to upgrade our Segway Scooters for the upcoming. Think on it.