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Role of Computers in Architecture in India

Role of Computers in Architecture in India

In the technological and advanced world, the use of computers in India has became an essential part for any kind of innovation or invention as its benefits and significance are not hidden by anyone. The computer came into existence in the 1940s and India took a decade to purchase it. No one can imagine their daily or official life without the use of computers though it is replaced by the invention of laptops and portable devices. It’s a useful element due to its time and energy saving performances in every possible field such as science, manufacturing, engineering etc and one of the most essential fields is “architecture”.

All the working stages in the architecture field requires the computer in order to increase the accuracy along with speed. The computer-aided design is one of the great advances for the development of architectural field with engineering design projects as they both are directly proportional to each other.

Architects are very well known for creating presentations whether it is 2D constructions documents or 3D models along with typical business documents on the computer. The concept of the computer aid design means an understanding application of the difficult structures with the help of computer solved equations and information generation. The reason behind the use and acceptance of computer in India is simple as it is much more efficient with minimal wastage of time without any glitch.

Use and importance of computer in all the fields are different but here is the role of computers in different areas of architectures:

Business functions: Like many other businesses in India, numerous architecture firms and individual architects consider the use of computers in order to complete many functions of businesses like interacting with the clients through skype or mail, maintaining records which can be accessed easily by employees, conducting particular researches etc.
In addition to this, they utilize the computers for sensing the multiple images, messages and also coordinating files between the design team, engineer and the construction manager.

Preparation of the presentations: Many building proposals in India required the presentations for their various clients such as Jaipur engineering colleges or many professional businesses. Architects prepared the structure of any project in a digital model for its efficiency and fulfilling all its requirements. The purpose accomplished by the computers is the creation of image boards, brochures, formal reports or slideshows with other media messages. Architects use graphic design software in order to facilitate the layout of each proposal as it is much more time saving plus fulfilling.

Documents of Constructions: The computer-generated construction documents in various businesses and engineering colleges Jaipur in India are the perfect replacement of blueprints which used to drawn by hands originally. Now the computers and computer aid design are being used by the numerous architects as a basic tool for creating and modifying the structural designs.

Creation of 3D models: By creating a virtual 3D model on the computer, architects now have the ability to illustrate segments and projects for the clients without making a physical model. There are the rendering options in the computer through accurate representations of lighting, texture, and color can be done.

Such software and innovations have reduced the level of stress and provided with the opportunity to apply dream into digital practicality. India has already faced the boom in the IT industry when the computer was introduced. With more digitization, India will be one of the most advanced and technological countries soon.