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Reasons To Go With A Cedar Fence

Reasons To Go With A Cedar Fence

Once you decide to build a fence, there are a lot of other decisions to be made. The height and style of your fence will depend on whether you want it to create privacy or simply outline an area of your property. Its length will be decided by the size of the area you wish to enclose. Local zoning rules will help you figure out where to put it on your property. The greatest decision, however, is what material to use.

Material choices include wood, metal, and vinyl. Vinyl is a great low-maintenance solution, but it does not hold up well to varying weather conditions and it is expensive. Metal is durable but not very practical. Wood can be a good choice. You’ll want to pick one that is strong, attractive, and won’t be susceptible to insects or rot. Finding a wood that doesn’t require paint or stain would be a bonus, too. There are a lot of material options, but the best choice is usually cedar.

A cedar fence has a classic look that coordinates with any style of architecture. All metal chain links look the same. There is nothing worse than driving past a beautiful house and seeing one. A wood fence with a rich, reddish-blonde tint is distinctive. It can be used to create a picket, stockade, vertical board, board and batten, or any style to match your architecture. Every style looks good in cedar.

Decks look good in cedar, also; you can build your fence with cedar to coordinate with your deck. Any outdoor structures can be coordinated with this attractive wood. Picture your backyard with a terraced deck, storage shed, and four-foot picket, all in a wood that matches the look of your house. Your property value will be handsomely increased if you complete all of these projects in the same material.

A good-looking fence will also last longer if it’s made out of cedar. The wood from this tree, unlike others, naturally resists mold, insects, and rotting. It can hold up to most environmental conditions better than others. The tight grain makes it strong and more durable than other woods. Building around your house is never a small project; you don’t want to have to repeat this process any time soon.

Another timesaving aspect of using cedar is that it doesn’t require paint or stain. The natural oils in the wood protect it without any additional sealing or coatings. Once you put your stockade up, it will be very low maintenance. While your neighbor starts every spring painting his pine pickets, you will not be joining him – unless you want to offer him a hand.

“Good fences make good neighbors,” according to Robert Frost. If it’s true, then cedar fences make great neighbors. That distinctive, light reddish-brown color, combined with unmatched durability will make you the best neighbor on the block.