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Pros & Cons Of The Top 3 Roof Materials

Pros & Cons Of The Top 3 Roof Materials

There are 3 primary roof varieties American householders pick from when it is time to change their roof. Right now we glimpse at the professionals and drawbacks of just about every substance to ideally make the selection a little less difficult when it’s time to make your conclusion!

Asphalt Shingles

The most typical residential roof type by considerably, asphalt shingles have several benefits that justify their prime place.


  • The most economical of all the roof types, they start off inexpensive with 3-tab shingles and go all the way up to pricier designer shingles that replicate the extra pricey roof sorts like cedar shakes.
  • Seems to be excellent on most any household.
  • Rather effortless to restore and retain (if inspected on a regular basis)
  • Easy to put in with most installations using just a few of times.
  • Lots of variety, even the pickiest of householders can obtain anything they like.
  • Light-weight and resilient


  • Primarily prone to wind and hail damage
  • Moss & mildew develop conveniently on asphalt shingles
  • Compared to other roof varieties, has a relatively short lifespan, requiring replacement each individual 10 to 20 yrs (nevertheless some well maintained, larger-finish shingles can very last up to 30 yrs!).

Cedar Shakes/Cedar Shingles


  • Particularly long lasting. extremely resistant to wind and rain
  • Adequately preserved, cedar shakes/shingles can final a number of a long time or far more.
  • Seems great to lots of house owners (splendor is in the eye of the beholder of course)
  • Ages like wonderful wine, on the lookout much better as the yrs roll on.


  • Material is much more costly as is labor as each individual shake should be installed individually.
  • Also prone to moss, mold, and mildew, house owners will have to strictly adhere to a common servicing routine. Unique shakes really should be changed by a roof contractor as before long as they need to have to.
  • Hideous to some people, cedar shakes glimpse greater on some residences than many others

Steel Roofs

metal roof


  • Can very last as long as the household or developing by itself, even outlast it!
  • Shrugs off wind and rain like it in no way occurred, specially resilient
  • Mildew, mold, rot, even fire does not phase a metal roof, it is resistance to these is famous.


  • The most expensive of the 3 prevalent roof forms equally in terms of elements and labor
  • Hail hurt could not have an impact on the integrity of a metal roof but substantial ample stones can leave unpleasant dents.
  • More cost-effective choices, like uncoated steel, can be loud when it rains, though roof contractors can mitigate this with different techniques to dampen any sound significantly. If you’re likely for steel, expend the cash now to get the higher quality materials that make this a non-difficulty.
  • Repairs can be high priced. Though metal roofs are extremely durable, if a restore demands to be carried out it can be pretty costly compared to it’s asphalt shingle cousins.

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