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Lutron’s Dimmer Switch Starter Kit Upgrades Lighting Without Draining Wi-Fi

Lutron’s Dimmer Switch Starter Kit Upgrades Lighting Without Draining Wi-Fi

Lutron’s Dimmer Swap Starter Package gives your dwelling lighting a wise enhance, without having competing for a signal with other products.(3 Echoes Content material Studio)

Enhance your dwelling to smart lights with out slowing down other devices. With Lutron’s Caseta Wireless Smart Lights Dimmer Change Starter Package, you can get the usefulness of wi-fi mild manage with out placing a pressure on your Wi-Fi.

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Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch
Just one Caseta change can make bulbs or fixtures sensible, or Wi-Fi compatible, even current kinds. (The Home Depot)

Smarter Lighting

Lutron’s wise dimmer switches and supporter controls connect to present rocker or paddle-design switches uncovered in hundreds of thousands of houses now and allow you to build a program you can regulate with your smartphone, a remote or even your voice.

You can even mount the Pico remote command right to the wall for multi-location dimming — no reducing holes or wiring required!

Lutron dimmer switches give you the means to established the suitable light for any activity whether or not it’s looking at, viewing Television set, entertaining, or obtaining a casual supper.

Handle your lighting timetable from your smartphone so you usually occur back to a well-lit property, or established a timer for additional safety even though you are away.

One Caseta smart change can command several bulbs at when, even your existing types. So, you never have to get personal wise bulbs for each mild in your dwelling!

Get smart command of various kinds of dimmable LED, incandescent and halogen bulbs

The dimmer works up to 600 watts of incandescent or halogen and 150 watts of dimmable LED or dimmable CFL. 

Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Smart Bridge
The Lutron Caseta Wi-fi Dimmer Wise Bridge won’t compete for a sign with other devices on your Wi-Fi community. (The Property Depot)

Easy Installation

Caseta dimmers install in as minor as 15-minutes with just two wires and there’s no neutral wire, so they work in houses of all ages.

Plug the smart bridge into your home’s world-wide-web router, and it ensures your wireless communication concerning gadgets will normally function.

And, the Caseta solutions will not contend for sign with all the other gadgets on your Wi-Fi network, and more importantly, your lights will nevertheless get the job done if that sign drops.

View the online video to find out all about this Ideal New Item! 

Find the Lutron Caseta Wireless Clever Lighting Dimmer Swap Starter Kit with Sensible Bridge at The Household Depot.

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