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Iesa and Jesus in the Pyramid

Iesa and Jesus in the Pyramid

The Solar god, Mithras, was the most widely worshipped deity in the Roman Empire in the initially century when Christianity was 1st forming. Mithras was named the Son of God, the gentle of the environment, he was a redeemer and savior and his birthday was celebrated on December 20-fifth. He at some point died and was buried in a cave and was resurrected 3 days later. Audio familiar? Constantine is stated to have converted to Christianity but that is pure ‘Spin’ from the editor of the Bible. He was a Mithras worshipper and they are Heliopolitans or Luciferians just like Hitler and his ‘torch-bearer’ crap. IESA is in Iesoos of the fish image and IXOYE as nicely as many other pre-Christian things they appropriated which the Father of Biblical Archaeology states reveals the Bible is a ‘Phoenician literary legacy’. It is not the to start with time you have heard about it.

Iesa also can be proven in Zeus and Hijaz or even Giza or Gizeh when you comprehend the aspirant ‘H’ which nonetheless will allow folks to pronounce Jesus as Hey-soos or Julio as Who-lio. The lack of ‘J’ in most pre-Christian alphabets is vital and we can learn a large amount about words and phrases when we consider out the vowels and appear for doubling or reversing consonants. I imagine doubling reveals a removing from the primary so we see Bible and Babel and Byblos are all from BL or Bel and Ba’al whose city or ‘bek’ is pretty historical in fact.’

So a Jew involves all individuals noble arch-tectons (see Septuagint) who constructed the Pyramid – that implies all elites. And elites have been known to use their FLOCK as sword or cannon fodder. Hitler discovered about this historic society of Wotan, Iesa, the Vaner and the Gaedhils who are the builders of the Pyramid in pre-Hyksos time.’

“Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer at the National University of Eire at Galway, found the subterranean temple of Tara. Since 1992, Newman has been working on the Hill of Tara preparing a survey of the area for the point out-funded Discovery Program. He discovered the Tara monument working with an underground radar gadget. ‘It fills a really crucial put in the jigsaw because it makes it possible for us to make feeling of the distribution of other monuments all around it,’ states Newman.1

The Discovery Program, established up beneath the auspices of the Heritage Council, carried out a survey of the Hill of Tara in between 1992 and 1996 when Mr. Newman was director.

When Mr. Newman moved to Galway he continued to be concerned in the project. Using advanced technologies, he and his team of industry experts mapped what was underground. Like Theseus, they request the secrets of the labyrinth-dwelling Mino-Taur, the King of Tara. The get the job done is sluggish and tedious, for the reason that it has yielded this sort of a enormous total of info.

What they uncovered finally at the crown of the hill was a enormous, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 meters at its widest position. All over it are 300 postholes measuring two meters large. Evidence implies this `Crown’ (tiara) of Tara was created as a result of an great effort. 300 towering oak posts at the time surrounded the hill.

‘We think it possibly dates from 2500 to 2300 BC and still experienced a massive physical presence even following the posts had been taken out or rotted,’ Mr. Newman said.2

This is the approximate time of Abraham, the “son of Terah” who turned the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the three religions at the root of the holy War on Terror).

His “Oaks of Mamre” were being well recognised and extended revered.3 Credible proof of them has hardly ever been found out in the Holy Land. Nonetheless, in Eire crystal clear proof is identified at Tara.

Legend states Abraham’s oaks existed from the beginning of the world, and applied to be environmentally friendly and bear leaves right until his descendent Jesus died, when it and all sacred oaks were reduce down.

Jesus (termed Pan-Tara, `god of Tara’) is recognised in historic Irish record as Iessa, a title derived from I.A. or E.A. (pronounced Eye-a), the Sumerian creator god who was portrayed carrying a fish suit. Lord Melchizedek, the Pope-king of Jerusalem (Ire-u-salem) and forerunner of Christ who initiated Abraham and his spouse, Sarah,4 is equated with E.A. The Irish called him the solar god Fin (an Irish identify for the Sunlight), a pun on fish. The Irish are identified as the Kids of the Sunlight, since in Egypt Ra, the Ray or the Ra-Eye is the Sunshine. Ra’s symbol is an eye. That’s why, the expression Iris or Irish.

Fin (E.A.) presided about the Tara assembly, as a Druid in strangely flowered garments, and with a double-pointed head-gown and bearing in his hand a e-book. His two-headed miter of fishy type, his upright rod, noticed or checkered garment and basket in hand, are symbols that align him with E.A. His column (i, eye) or pillar of Tara is remembered as the Tree of Existence of various traditions.” (2)

I wrote a guide before 1992 known as Bacon and the Bard that includes an underground elaborate in Tara Hill which may possibly have been the world’s initially man-designed Pyramid. Are they intent on preserving us in the dark and dealing with us like mushrooms for some ulterior cause? Mushrooms thrive on manure but humans complete much better when delivered firsthand details relatively than manipulative, trite and bogus statistics that review us versus many others. We should authenticate authority and it have to show a inventive and loving function before we entitle it to guide us into the vast horizons of creative universe which usually are not (and in no way have been) restricted by some Malthusian economic design. They also are not minimal by the possible to destroy us, when you think about biotechnology, nanotechnology, intellect-regulate, robots with human and other biological elements as nicely as the regular greed and electrical power desires of insecure deviates.

In correspondence all-around the center of 2005 I have been privy to some comprehensive calculations of fellow creator Gary Osborn. The gist of the issue has to do with the earth axis and King’s Chamber alignment. Gary would seem to believe they believed the earth axis was stationary at some point and I will keep on to get his clarification on the concern. I see it as a way they doubled the Harmonic at the primary mode on the Earth Power Grid when he states the design had the King’s Chamber alignment appear back at the similar point when superimposed on the exterior and capstone alignment. I think the axis is absolutely encapsulated by means of its overall Wander Route or sidereal chart that requires 25,864 a long time to total.