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How to Make Scoobies the Easy Way

How to Make Scoobies the Easy Way

Tying colored strings is decorative, fun and exciting. Child or not, you can make your own key rings, figures and jewelry by making scoobies. It keeps children and adults amused for hours while doing something worthwhile. They can even earn from selling these items. Making scoobies can be addictive for you.

Young people like most adults fall in love in tying knots. It is educational to all as well as stimulating one’s creativity and imagination. Coordination skills are also practiced in this kind of craft. Many people, children or not all over America and the United Kingdom goes crazy with this craft making.

There are simple, easy to follow steps on how to make scoobies. Scooby strings have bright and attractive colors that are about 80 centimeters in length. These strings can be threaded with wire to be bendable or wounded around a pencil to make a colorful spiral.

In this kind of craft, one should have plenty if not enough of Scooby strings to complete a project. Items also needed include scissors, ruler for measurement and pipe cleaners or strong wires to keep each strong and easily bendable.

There are different types of stitches that can be done with Scooby strings. Among the basic stitches and knots are the triangle stitch, circle stitch and butterfly stitch. In trying a triangle stitch, three different colors of strings are used.

There are different techniques that can be used in tying figures or decorations. The simplest thing to do when starting this craft is to start plaiting a key ring.

Here are some of the easiest techniques on how to make scoobies:

1. When doing the three-string technique, the first step to do is to tie the strings together into a knot. After this, the first string is placed over the second, forming a loop and then repeated with the second string. The third string is then pulled through the first string before carefully pulling it tight.

2. In the four-string technique, one string is tied over the other. The first string is placed over the second to form a loop and then is repeated with the second and third string. After having done with it, the fourth string is placed over the first string before carefully pulling it tight.

3. The third technique is the four-string technique which is square and plait with bead in it. First step to do is to tie one string over the other just like the other four-string technique. After this, fold the first and third strings after which the second and fourth strings are threaded through the opposite loops. Afterwards, place a pencil over the last knot then tie another knot over the pencil before pulling it tight. Additional knots are done before removing the pencil. Having done these steps, the next thing to do is to put on your desired bead design.

It’s so easy, isn’t it? You can make a couple of this in a snap if you wish. Use it for decorations, craft projects or even toys. There’s a lot to do with these things if you played with your imagination.