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How to Make a Stop Block For Longer Wood Cuts

How to Make a Stop Block For Longer Wood Cuts

A halt block can make chopping a number of items of wood on a miter saw a lot quicker and simple. 

A end block is a basic reusable jig used in woodworking to mark an edge so numerous items of wooden can be minimize promptly and uniformly.

It can get tiresome to cease and evaluate every single piece just before you slice it, so crafted-in end blocks retain you performing at a continual and rapidly speed.

The maintain-down clamps that come with most ability miter saws are beneficial for securing a prevent block when making repetitive cuts. But they are only valuable for slicing limited pieces due to the fact it restrictions the duration of board you can cut.

For even larger assignments like decks and railing, extended cuts of wood generally will not in good shape within a normal stop block. Cutting these pieces should not take up the majority of your time. This time is better put in on receiving these items jointly and your challenge comprehensive. 

On the other hand, you can make an extended quit block employing a framing square. This procedure is effective nicely for creating repetitive cuts between about 16 inches and 23 inches extended. 

Here’s how you do it:

A framing square clamped to a miter saw as a stop block.

Very first, use two spring clamps or small bar clamps to protected the framing square to the saw’s fence. Extend it out to the size you require the board to be.

Check out to verify the length from the blade to the vertical tongue of the framing square equals the wished-for length of the pieces you are reducing. 

A lumber board on a miter saw being pushed toward a framing square stop block.

Then, carefully slide the board up against the edge of the square’s tongue and make the slice.

Repeat to make repetitive cuts to develop parts of all the same correct size. 

View the video previously mentioned for the demonstration!

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