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How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs Replacing

How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs Replacing

Diverse designs of home windows can totally transform the seem and sense of any area, with some allowing for a lot more organic lights to enter than many others. With certain spaces in the home, several sorts of windows are also specifically built to give the most effective solution.

Velux windows are also known as roof home windows. They are preferred alternatives for producing areas feel far more airy and welcoming, and can even incorporate a roomy come to feel to your dwelling. In excess of time, these varieties of windows expertise even additional publicity to the normal factors than common home windows. While they are developed with long lasting top quality in intellect, time can get its toll and guide to issues with any Velux window. Here’s our guidebook on how to know no matter if your Velux window desires changing or fixing, and what you can do about it.

What is a Velux window?

Now synonymous with the fashion of window they deliver, Velux is truly the identify of the leading brand that manufactures roof home windows, skylight devices, and sunshine tunnels.

Velux home windows appear in a vary of designs, just about every developed to match unique areas in the home. The addition of a Velux window can brighten up any home, permitting in sunlight from the best down.

  • Roof Home windows
  • Flat Roof Home windows
  • Skylight Systems
  • Roof Terraces
  • Balconies

Because of to the positioning of roof windows, Velux windows use laminated safety glass as regular. This avoids any glass from coming into the household if your Velux window ends up smashed or broken, enhancing the security of your roof window. Velux windows can also be configured to include things like extra functions and finishings that can even more improve the worth of your home.

  • Smoke ventilation windows
  • Burglary resistant attributes
  • Audio insulation roof windows
  • Weather protecting glazing
  • Uncomplicated-to-thoroughly clean coatings
  • 3-layer UV protection

Which Faults can Happen with a Velux Window?

All Velux home windows are double glazed at a least. This implies any of the challenges that can happen with double glazed windows can occur to your Velux home windows.


If your double glazing has failed, you may discover your house feels colder. Draughts coming by way of your Velux window can signify that the seal all around your roof window has failed somewhere. This makes it possible for air from outdoors to enter the house, rising your electrical power bills. It will also probably expose your windows to even more hurt from too much condensation create up.

Mist & Condensation

A modest total of condensation on your Velux home windows is standard, however extra condensation can establish up in excess of time. Velux windows are equipped with air filters that ought to on a regular basis be cleaned to stay clear of this. Cleaning your Velux air filter can help air to circulate all-around your windows, lowering the ‘foggy’ visual appearance that can come about when it’s chilly outside.

Moist & Mould

All Velux frames are specifically handled to avoid the growth of mould in the 1st location, but any prolonged damp problems can guide to a difficulty. Trying to keep the air filter on your roof home windows clear must prevent the development of moist and mould that can be brought about by also a lot condensation. You can also thoroughly clean your Velux frames with mould spray.

Other difficulties with your roof window could contain:


Acquiring any h2o coming into the home from exterior is a issue, especially with a roof window! Issues with the set up process can guide to leaking Velux home windows. When mounted, your roof window really should have had roofing felt placed in concerning the window frame and the roof opening, as very well as insulation. If your installer has skipped these steps, any excess water is probably to leak down into your window.

Damaged Lock Mechanisms & Hinges

The handles and locks of any window can use down in excess of time, particularly with everyday use. Independent Velux sections which include hinges and handles can be purchased immediate from the Velux internet site.

Cracked or Damaged Glass

As with any window, the glass inside a Velux window can chip or crack solely. Due to the situation of roof home windows, it’s possibly even simpler for them to maintain harm. Anything at all from the branch falling off a tree, to temperature, to a fowl dropping some thing on your window can be plenty of to have an affect on those made from very low good quality glass.

The good news is, Velux windows are built to face up to these gatherings. They are each analyzed vigorously to stay away from damaged glass – the company’s strict testing regime even requires hitting the glass with a 50kg pendulum to make certain toughness.

Can a Velux Window be Repaired?

If you have challenges with your Velux window, it is value arranging a totally free consultation to initial identify the result in of the issue. A damaged Velux window is not always in need to have of a whole substitution. As windows age, they endure loads of weather problems and normal wear-and-tear.

When to Repair service a Unsuccessful Double Glazing on a Roof Window

More than time, normal use-and-tear generally sales opportunities to failed double glazing, which is not unheard of in Velux windows. Given that several failed double glazing conditions are prompted by troubles with the seal, these can be repaired by a professional. It’s unquestionably well worth obtaining your unsuccessful double glazing fixed. This will restore the primary strength efficiency of your home windows, restricting the charge you’ll shell out on heating in the very long run. Repairs will also end any of that excessive mould or condensation spreading to the space all over your window, which could induce even extra pricey damage to your partitions and furniture.

When to Swap a Faulty or Broken Roof Window

If the first installation of your Velux window wasn’t finished properly, you may possibly will need a little bit of further perform done. This might involve the substitute of specified components of your window, from the frames, to the insulation and panes. Similarly, if just one of your window panes is damaged, that pane will have to be changed.

It’s worth acquiring a roof window restore provider that will supply you with a top quality fix or substitute.

Velux Window Repairs & Replacements by Cloudy2Apparent

At Cloudy2Very clear, our professionals in restoring and changing windows can resolve your roof windows need to any of the earlier mentioned difficulties transpire. Our Velux window restore professionals get the job done to recuperate the whole top quality of your roof home windows with minimum price. We know that not all Velux windows want changing solely if anything goes improper!

A lot of organizations will have you replace the total device surrounding your Velux window, even if there’s absolutely nothing weakened with the window body by itself. This qualified prospects to a considerably far more high priced provider where you are paying unnecessary service fees. A lot of issues with Velux windows produce owing to issues with just a person window pane or the sealing. We do the job to fix and replace only the defective part of your Velux window, holding charges down.

If your Velux window requires restoring, contact us on 0800 61 21 119 for a free of charge, no-obligation estimate.