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How to Easily Cut Baseboard Trim Using an Oscillating Tool

How to Easily Cut Baseboard Trim Using an Oscillating Tool

If you want to incorporate a broader casing close to a doorway, you’ll need to have to take out a portion of your baseboard trim to accommodate it.

Your very first imagined may be that you require to pry off the total baseboard and minimize it to sizing with a circular observed in your shop.

Having said that, you do not have to go by way of the additional exertion of eradicating the complete detail. Use an oscillating multi-device to get a precise slash when it’s nonetheless on the wall. 

An oscillating device is a compact, portable power device that accepts a vast selection of interchangeable blades. It can sand, reduce, scrape, grind and polish depending on the blade.

It’s known as an oscillating resource due to the fact the blade oscillates again and forth. 

You can use it for reducing drywall openings and plumbing pipes, trimming baseboard molding and much more.

Although this device cuts excellent and is really versatile, it is a minimal really hard to manage. The vibrations make it quick for you to slip and knick a chunk of material that you really don’t want to slash.

To make a correctly straight slice, you will will need a tiny guidance from a velocity square.

How to Easily Cut Baseboard Trim Using an Oscillating Tool
Line up a pace sq. to where you want to slice baseboard trim. (3 Echoes Material Studio)

Mark where by you want to slice your baseboard trim with a wood pencil. Then, put the speed sq. just outside the house of the line where by you want to cut. 

Using a speed square to line up an oscillating tool for a cut on baseboard trim
Drive the oscillating instrument into the baseboard trim and towards the velocity square to cut. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Up coming, manual the blade ideal alongside the sq.. The velocity square blocks the blade on the oscillating instrument from transferring earlier the cut line.

Crowbar prying out a piece of baseboard trim
Use a crowbar to eliminate the minimize part of baseboard trim. (3 Echoes Articles Studio)

Immediately after you’ve made your slash, use a crowbar to pry out the slice part of the baseboard trim.

Now, you have a nice clear cut on your baseboard trim that is ready for the new door casing.

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