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How To Do A DIY Backyard Makeover On A Budget

How To Do A DIY Backyard Makeover On A Budget

Your backyard should be a place where you can relax, soak up the sun, let the children play, or even entertain some guests. Of course, to make your backyard such a desirable space you’ll probably have to make a few changes. This can seem challenging and expensive. But, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be.

It’s possible to do the backyard yourself, on a budget, and still, have it looking fabulous.

Make A Driveway

If you don’t already have a clearly defined driveway then you should make one. The good news is that is surprisingly easy to do. You’ll need to invest in some edgers and install them along the sides of where you would like the driveway to be. You can then remove any grass from the driveway area with a spade and line it with a weed control fabric. This will stop weeds from growing upward through the gravel top.

Once you’ve prepared that simply collect as much gravel as you need to create a driveway 2-4 inches deep.

Paint The House

The next step is to give your house a coat of paint. This takes a little time but is easy to do and will transform the look of the house while framing the backyard better.

Alongside this, you should consider adding Plantation shutters to the windows and even the doors. They improve the insulation in your home and, again, help to frame your yard.

Add An Entertaining Area

The next thing your yard needs is an entertaining area. This should be created off the living room or kitchen making it easy to get to from the house and usable.

Ideally, the entertaining area should be on the same level as the room. If it’s already at ground level you can simply gravel an area. If not, making a wooden deck is surprisingly easy and cost-effective. All you have to do is decide how big it needs to be before you get started.

An entertaining area should have seating, a table, and perhaps include an outside kitchen. That makes it easy to look after guests and enjoy the warmer weather.

Raised Beds

You can create raised beds from wood, brick, or even old containers that you have sat around. The aim is to create spaces where you can seed flowers and they will be better protected from pests.

In addition, raising the beds makes it much easier to look after any grass areas you have.

Add A Play Area

If you have children you’ll want to choose a section of your yard and dedicate it to a play area. You can add traditional swings and slides or go for a tree fort and climbing apparatus. Your children will love it and they can play at any time.

Of course, if you’re making over your yard make sure the rest is grass with clear pathways and undertake a general tidying. Removing the clutter and junk from your yard can make a huge difference in how it looks.