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How to Clear away Exterior Vinyl Shutters That Are Put in With Shutter Loks

How to Clear away Exterior Vinyl Shutters That Are Put in With Shutter Loks

Upkeep on your home in inescapable, and maintenance can at times be a challenge. You typically will need to paint the exterior, paint the interior, repair the occasional broken faucet, substitute the bouquets that died on you, and reseed and fertilize the garden just to identify a several.

A popular issue people today have is about attractive vinyl exterior shutters: “How do I get rid of exterior vinyl shutters that are put in with Shutter-Loks without breaking the exterior vinyl shutter?”.

Shutter-Loks (sometimes spelled “shutter locks” and normally referred to as uncomplicated-loks, shutter plugs, or plastic nails) are designed for a long lasting shutter set up. Even so, it is nonetheless attainable to take away decorative exterior vinyl shutters when undertaking program upkeep (this sort of as exterior painting or setting up new siding) on your house. The bottom line is, you can take out the window shutters, but setting up them again will call for you to obtain new Shutter-Loks. Continue to keep this in mind in advance of you consider them down, simply because Shutter-Loks usually are unable to be located in area merchants. Shuter-Loks can be obtained on the net while (see the url at the bottom of this write-up).

Do not attempt to pull the Shutter-Lok out of the wall, as you will most probably destruction the surface area of your exterior vinyl shutters. To eliminate the exterior ornamental shutters, you will need the pursuing:

  1. A compact chisel with a sharpened edge
  2. A hammer
  3. Silicone
  4. A diagonal cutter
  5. An electric powered drill with a 1/4″ drill little bit

Turn the chisel so the sharp edge is experiencing away from the area of the house and slide it powering the shutter till it rests towards the Shutter-Lok. Use a hammer to give the tackle of the chisel a sharp faucet and the chisel will lower through the Shutter-Lok.

Following you have slash by means of all of the Shutter-Loks, take the shuttter down and established it carefully on the floor. Use a diagonal cutter to shear the remaining piece of the Shutter-Lok so it is flush with the surface area. Next, drill out the Shutter-Lok working with a 1/4″ drill bit. Do not go away the Shutter-Lok inside of of the wall mainly because dampness can leak in and it will start off to rot.

Now, if you system to go away the window shutters off of your dwelling, you must fill the hole in with caulking compound and sleek it off so it is amount with the surface area and you can then repaint to make the gap invisible.

If you program to reinstall the vinyl exterior shutters right after you paint your household, fill the gap partly with silicone to weatherproof it quickly. After painting the exterior of the house, you can redrill the gap with a 1/4″ drill little bit to get rid of the silicone.

To reinstall, relaxation the exterior window shutter in opposition to the surface area and align it with the holes, then push the Shutter-Loks into the holes aspect way to hold the vinyl shutter in place. Then use a hammer to extremely carefully tap the Shutter-Lok until it is flush with the surface area of the exterior window shutter. Do not hold tapping, as this will make the shutter commence to dimple and you will have to have to buy new Shutter-Loks and commence above because there is no way to pull them again out. You ought to go away the Shutter-Loks just marginally loose to enable for growth and contraction.