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How the Wrong Bird House Plans Could Drive Your Feathered Friends Away

How the Wrong Bird House Plans Could Drive Your Feathered Friends Away

Imagine relaxing to the sounds of beautiful bird calls drifting across your backyard. Visualize sharing the miracle of life with your kids as you watch baby birds take their first flight. Think of the warmth you will feel at being able to provide living creatures a safe haven from the storm. These experiences and more are possible when you build a bird house and install it on your property. But if you follow the wrong bird house plans, the chances of experiencing any of these events are small. How can you be sure that you are building the right kind of home for your feathered friends?

Building a home for birds is a fantastic way to bring living nature to your back doorstep. But if you want to be sure that you attract the right birds to your property, your bird house plans need to follow these simple rules. First, they need to be well-designed for safety. Second, they need to be specific to the species of bird you want to attract. Third, the plans should help you build a “bird-friendly” habitat.

Well-designed bird house plans are necessary if you want to make a safe home for birds in your property. Birds need protection and a safe bird dwelling can provide it. Good plans offer maximum protection from predators. The birds will also need protection from the elements, a safe haven from extreme weather events. Finally, there is the issue of making the house healthy for the birds that choose to live inside it.

The bird house plans you choose must take into account which species you want to share your property with. One of the biggest factors in designing houses for birds is the size of the entry hole. If it is too large or too small for the birds you want to attract, you can be sure that they will decide to live elsewhere and some other kind of bird will take their place. The interior dimensions of the house are also important. Finally, even the very shape of the structure can make the difference between attracting your favorite species and driving them away.

Finally, the best bird house plans are designed to make the project as “bird-friendly” as it can be. Sometimes this involves the entire habitat surrounding the house you build. You should find a way to provide year-round water and appropriate materials that the birds can use to build their nest. You may need to stop using insecticides on your lawn and change some of the plants used in your landscape.

If you can provide a welcoming bird habitat while using bird house plans designed with your chosen species in mind, then you should be able to build a safe and warm sanctuary where nature will truly come alive for you and your family.