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Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

If you have your own company in which it is demanded that you have a meat slicer, few makes are as reliable as Hobart. However, acquiring a utilised Hobart meat slicer with a lot of expert options and significant scores is not uncomplicated.

Even though these are significantly additional high-priced than your regular meat slicer, specially one you would use at property, they have many terrific traits and characteristics that other providers simply cannot conquer.

In this Hobart meat slicer evaluate, we will go over five of the greatest Hobart deli meat slicers that you can obtain available right now, as nicely as all the functions they have to offer you that will consider your organization to the up coming stage.

Greatest Hobart Professional Meat Slicer

1. Hobart HS9-113” Computerized Slicer with Interlocks and Detachable Knife

Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

The initially Hobart meat slicer on our list is regarded the most well-known and best for smaller places to eat, delis, butcher stores, and grocery suppliers. You not only can use this automatic slicer to slice meat, but cheese, greens, bread, and other food items as effectively.

It capabilities a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can get rid of and cleanse far more efficiently. In addition, it is designed of aluminum, earning it a item that will previous you two to 3 instances as lengthy as blades built of other materials.

It operates instantly, letting you and your group to target on other jobs even though it repeatedly slices pound immediately after pound of meals. It also has interlocks that are intended to make the Hobart meat slicer effortless to use.

The automatic shutoff will turn the knife off if it has been inactive for at the very least 30 seconds. You can regulate the thickness of the slices, with 1 inch currently being the thickest you can slice.

2. Hobart Edge-13 13” Manual Meat Slicer

Hobart Edge-13 13 Manual Meat Slicer

The next Hobart skilled meat slicer on our checklist is remarkably rated and best for any deli, butcher shop, or grocery retailer. You will be equipped to minimize any meats and cheeses that you will need. It is made of durable anodized aluminum that is substantially much easier to clean up and lasts more time.

This machine statements that it can minimize slices of foodstuff as speedily as probable devoid of sacrificing high quality. It operates at a 45-diploma angle and has a ½ hp motor that is best for chopping cheese.

You can adjust the thickness of the blade utilizing the knob, which will permit you to slash slices of meals any where concerning paper-thin and 9/16 inches thick. It also comes with a crafted-in sharpener that you can use to sharpen the blade in as little as 5 seconds.

3. Hobart HS6-1 13” Guide Slicer with Removable Knife

Hobart HS6-1 13’’ Manual Slicer with Removable Knife

This next product from the Hobart HS collection has numerous experienced features, like the 45-diploma cutting aircraft, machine grooves, and a a lot greater merchandise tray that will efficiently maintain the meals you are reducing.

The knife of this product is remarkable because it is created of aluminum as opposed to stainless metal or carbon, which statements to past 2 to 3 times as extended. In addition, it has three stroke lengths and four-stroke speeds.

You do not have to have to use the knife throughout sharpening and cleansing, making this Hobart skilled meat slicer a great deal simpler to use. It has 6 automated interlock options and a designed-in sharpener as well.

4. Hobart HS7-1 13” Automatic Slicer with Detachable Knife

Hobart HS7-1 13 Automatic Slicer with Removable Knife

Right here is one more a person of the most well-liked Hobart meat slicers. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can get rid of, producing it less difficult to clean up.

Like many of the products designed by Hobart, this knife is produced of aluminum as opposed to carbon coating or stainless steel, which will make it possible for it to last for up to 2 to 3 situations more time.

The structure of this meat slicer is also intended to make certain that it is easier to clean up simply because of all the removable add-ons and the handbook carry lever, which will optimize your efficiency on the task and let you to avoid the distribute of microbes.

It has an computerized procedure, growing your productiveness simply because you can emphasis on other tasks while the meat slicer operates repeatedly. For illustration, you can use it to slice a wide variety of distinct meats and cheeses.

The adjustment knob on the aspect will let you to personalize how thick you want each slice to be, and it can do this up to 1 inch. The crafted-in sharpener is also added for comfort, and you can sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.

5. Hobart HS7N-1 13” Computerized Slicer

Hobart HS7N-1 13 Automatic Slicer

The last product on our listing is a different Hobart deli meat slicer that has obtained rave testimonials. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you are unable to get rid of, which will reduce the possibility of you going through injuries.

This blade is manufactured with a use-resistant alloy product, which will make it possible for it to last more time than the usual meat slicers.

Many thanks to its detachable add-ons and the manual carry lever, you will also have no issue cleaning this meat slicer. It has a ½ hp motor and a product carriage with four speeds, a few-stroke procedure, and it works quickly.

It can simply handle cutting many diverse forms of foods when you and your personnel perform on other tasks. You can modify the thickness at which food items is slice up to 1 inch. It also has a created-in sharpener that will allow for you to sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.


If you were being hunting for a excellent, qualified meat slicer, then you want to switch no more than Hobart’s meat slicers.

While these make rather the financial investment, Hobart is acknowledged for its large-top quality units, which include the Hobart 2912, Hobart Slicer 1712, and Hobart Edge 12, which are other terrific options that are hard to find.

Check out as company at your deli or other business booms, thanks to the efficiency of these products.

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