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Heart Tattoo Design Styles

Heart Tattoo Design Styles

Heart tattoos have different design styles. Three common heart tattoo design styles are the following:

1. Traditional heart tattoo design. These are the traditional heart tattoos that have been around for years. Many of which carry a banner across the front, with a name. They are the simplest in form and style, yet also the most classic. One should consider this heart tattoo design if they desire something classic and more traditional. The banner across the front also lends itself best to this style of heart tattoo design.

2. Modern heart tattoo design. The modern design is usually more abstract or else it is more “busy” than the traditional style. An example of a more modern design is a heart surrounded by elaborate flames, or a heart being ripped open with something appearing to come out. Modern heart tattoo designs have much variety to them, and many possibilities to explore if one is looking for something custom.

3. Tribal heart tattoo design. Essentially this is a tribal design, formed into a heart. Many times at first glance the heart is not apparent. When one focus’s in though, the outline of a heart can be strong and distinct. A tribal heart tattoo design is a good option if you like tribal tattoo’s but also prefer something more distinct than a typical abstract tribal design. Here you can have an actual heart tattoo, and a tribal tattoo, in one shot.

Whatever design style you prefer, it’s important to research and take a look at all kinds of heart tattoo examples and designs. A good online tattoo book or collection can be a great source to view all kinds of different heart tattoo designs.