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Handheld 3D Scanner – Affordable and Easy Form of 3D Scanning System

Handheld 3D Scanner – Affordable and Easy Form of 3D Scanning System

The handheld laser scanners are being used by many industries like aerospace, manufacturing, multimedia and medicine as they provide easy and fast way to create 3D objects. It gives the designers and engineers a completely new way to capture 3D data with extraordinary speed, easy procedure and versatility for a wide range of new and emerging applications. This self positioning scanner has changed the way shape acquisition, reverse engineering and 3D inspection are done. This innovation in the field of scanning has revolutionized the world of 3D scanning.

The scanner is used in accurate part digitizing for consistency assessment. It facilitates the design process from existing concepts to hand made models for easy scanning of prototypes in performance simulations. It can be used to easily capture mock ups for further modifications and to obtain 2D or 3D CAD files. In medical science it creates highly exhaustive reproductions of intricate organs and bone structures. Scanner scans hand-crafted samples to produce multipart designs from scratch. Digital Archiving can be done to save money by storing tooling, samples and prototypes digitally. It is ideal in support of producing digital media for computer games and movies from artists’ perception models. The scanner produces high-resolution, low-impact scans for exact restorations and renovation of invaluable artwork and architecture.

The self positioning feature of the scanner prevents the use of external tracking or positioning devices. This enables the engineers and designers to have more freedom and flexibility to scan any part, even in places where regular CMMs or arms cannot go or reach. Traditional CMMs are bulky, static, massive slabs of stone and iron moreover measuring arms require the use of unwieldy tripods. It is portable and can be easily carried from one site to another. It provides extended scanning due to its light weight and with accurate results. Being a hand held device it provides flexibility of use during scanning. The scanner has the versatility to scan the objects of any shape, size or color. It does not require any costly setups for its operation. The user friendly application does not involve any special training sessions to become skilled at its functioning.

The advantages offered by the innovative handheld scanner has completely accelerated and simplified the scanning processes. Powerful, precise and truly portable, the scanner surely maintains its technological edge. It has simplified the data acquisition work plus enables one to use 3D in innovative as well as creative applications and in ways never imagined before.