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Free 42 Inch LCD TV, Seemingly Endless Freebies

Free 42 Inch LCD TV, Seemingly Endless Freebies

Various contract mobile phone deals dole out as a gift a free 42 inch LCD TV in the UK. The valued customers could not have been more fortunate.

The network service providers and the umpteen dealers working in unison are working over time to ensure that the potential buyer is buying the required mobile phone handset from them only and not from anywhere else. Competition that is increasing at unbelievable speed with each passing day and the consequent need to come out with more out of the box and still more seemingly crazy offers to lure in the pampered beyond description customer.

In fact, there is whole list of freebies that the network carriers active here – Orange, O2, 3 Mobile, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile – extend to those users who happen to buy mobile phone handsets from them. This approach is especially true of contract phone deals. Though it is also true that offering free gifts say such as a free 42 inch LCD TV is sometimes done under SIM free and pay as you go mobile phone deals as well.

Besides the free gift in the form of items such as a free 42 inch LCD TV, you also have other incentives coming your way such as the free calling minutes, free text messages, free internet data allowance, wherever applicable and even a very attractive incentive like the instant cash back promise. Coming back to the free gift of a 42 inch LCD TV set being given to a buyer of a mobile phone handset, the network operators have obviously tied up with the television manufacturing companies and give the same to the buying customer of the handsets that they are selling.

LG, Hannspree, Samsung, Philips, and other makes of 42 inch LCD TVs are given out as free gifts in the bargain. The Nokia 6303i Classic, Nokia 2330, Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition, Sony Ericsson Zylo, Sony Ericsson Elm, Samsung E2370, Samsung Tocco Lite Pink, Samsung S3650 Corby, Samsung Corby, LG Cookie KP 500 Pink, LG 42 LD450, and so many others all come to you under one or the other contract phone deals and bring to you the free gift of a 42 inch LCD TV. Come to think of it. If you are lucky, you can even obtain a new gleaming Blackberry Bold or Blackberry Curve 8520 for that matter under one or the other contract scheme and take home along with the free handset a shining new 42 inch LCD TV as free gift as well.