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Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions to Knit Your Very Own Garter Stitch Scarf This Season

Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions to Knit Your Very Own Garter Stitch Scarf This Season

Whether you are a beginner DIYer or an skilled crafter in search of your following challenge, the GH Stitch Club has you lined with crochet, macramé and knitting jobs you can make at household. Abide by this easy tutorial on how to knit a scarf for inexperienced persons working with 1 easy sew. It’s the fantastic colourful accessory to continue to keep you heat all season very long.

In the movie previously mentioned, Mariana Tuma, Very good Housekeeping‘s design and style director and textile crafts extraordinaire, demonstrates how to knit a garter sew scarf from commencing to conclude. Observe our basic guidebook for instructions and view the video for stage-by-stage visuals.

How to Knit a Garter Stitch Scarf

how to knit a scarf for beginners, still image of colorful scarf

What You Have to have:

Idea: On the yarn’s label, you are going to see a tutorial noting what dimension knitting needle or crochet hook to use.

Stage 1: Build a slip knot.

how to knit for beginners, woman creating a slip knot with knitting needle and yarn

Make a slip knot to location on your needle by producing a loop with your yarn and pulling it by the tail. Insert a person of your needles and tighten it a little bit.

Idea: Make guaranteed your performing yarn is on the still left aspect and your tail stop is on the appropriate aspect.

Action 2: Use the backward loop method.

how to knit a scarf for beginners, woman doing a backward loop with yarn and knitting needle

Loop the yarn all-around your thumb, then insert the needle from left to suitable to go the loop to your needle. Do this till you have 40 stitches on your needle.

Tip: Make the stitches loose, as you have to slip the other needle beneath every loop.

Action 3: Start off knitting.

how to knit a scarf for beginners, woman knitting using a knitting needle and yarn
  • Create the first knit sew on your ideal needle: Insert the needle from remaining to ideal into the first stitch. Wrap yarn in excess of from still left to ideal. Pull the yarn by way of to develop a loop on your appropriate-hand needle. Slide off a stitch from the remaining-hand needle. Repeat these techniques till you get to the conclude of the row.
  • Upcoming row: Convert your perform close to, so that the needle with the stitches is in your left hand and the loose needle is in your appropriate hand. Repeat the earlier instructions to knit this row.
  • Proceed knitting each individual row right up until you are prepared to integrate the up coming ball of yarn.

Idea: Knitting each row is termed a garter sew.

Stage 4: Change hues.

how to knit a scarf for beginners, woman knitting a scarf with her yarn and knitting needle
  • Reduce the doing work close of the yarn from the ball, leaving a tail.
  • Insert your needle and loop your new coloration yarn more than the top rated, producing guaranteed you are pulling from the ball and not the tail close. Knit the sew for each normal.
  • Continue the unique knitting sample until eventually you have concluded the new yarn.

Phase 5: Solid off.

how to knit a scarf for beginners, weave in the ends
  • Knit the first two stitches in your row.
  • Employing your still left-hand needle, pull the to start with stitch over the next sew on your right-hand needle and remove the left-hand needle. You ought to now have just just one stitch on your ideal-hand needle.
  • Knit the following stitch on your left-hand needle. Then repeat, pulling the very first sew on the appropriate-hand needle over the 2nd and eliminating the left-hand needle. You should really have just just one stitch on your ideal-hand needle.
  • Repeat these techniques right until only 1 sew remains on the suitable-hand needle.
  • Minimize the yarn absent from the ball to go away a 6″ tail and pull through the last sew to safe.

Don’t ignore: Using a darning needle, weave the tail finish of the yarn in and out of the stitches.

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