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DIY Sculpted Branch Candelabra | Centsational Style

DIY Sculpted Branch Candelabra | Centsational Style

As I have talked about many periods, my most current passion is sculpting with clay. My 8 7 days ceramics class has encouraged my new discovered hobby so having my fingers on clay to sort it into designs is a little bit of an obsession in the moment.

I desired to build a candelabra for future getaway table options, one that was very simple still organic in its sort. I used a branch as the foundation and sculpted the type with air dry clay.


Grapevine branches are $40 or more so rather I purchased a pair of small chicken perches and attached them alongside one another with very hot glue. Applying current branches as the foundation saved me the worry of sculpting a department on my personal.

The branches were wrapped in clay and sculpted inch by inch to produce the random natural and organic composition.


Supplies: 2.2 lb modeling clay rolling pin thick curvy branch drinking water ¾” copper cap fittings (to maintain candles) white spray paint scorching glue taper candles.

The challenge is very uncomplicated, but will consider an hour of your time. Locate a thick branch with some movement. Lower air dry clay into extensive strips and thin it out with a rolling pin. Use those strips in parts to wrap all around the branches. Sharper corners or edges need to have an more layer of clay.

Once the department is wrapped in clay use your fingers to variety it all-around the edges of the department. To produce a sleek surface area, dip your fingers in a smaller total of water and get the job done the dampness all-around the area of the clay. It took me about 45 minutes to entirely sculpt the elongated department so be affected person with it and get pleasure from the method, it feels good! Reserve a couple ounces of clay wrapped in plastic for patching if needed.

Enable the department to dry a full 24 hours in a heat dry spot. Once it’s totally dry you may perhaps observe a couple cracks where the clay shrunk down as the dampness evaporated. Fill any cracks with remaining clay, sleek like ahead of, and let to dry.

The taper candle caps are copper fittings uncovered in the plumbing division at a house advancement retail store (see website link above). I spray painted them white and secured them to the sculpted branch with sizzling glue. I also utilized the level on my phone with the candle in the cap fitting to make sure they would burn straight!


All that exertion will give you the most one of a kind candelabra for your vacation tablescapes!






If you’d like to make your centerpiece stand out even much more, underneath are some sources for exclusive taper candles in some genuinely gorgeous hues.

fancy tapers / beeswax dipped

hand dipped pastels / swirl tapers

gradient established

twisted tapers / square tapers

brilliant pastels 


 earthy colors / tailor made colours


fancy tapers – numerous colours

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