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Different Types of Paints and Color Combination Ideas

Different Types of Paints and Color Combination Ideas

In making a decision as to which type of paints and colors to use, whether it is for a new or old house, there are many factors you have to consider. You are making a substantial investment in this undertaking. It will require adequate planning and preparation to make sure that the best choice suitable to your likings, taste and budget is done. This is a challenging responsibility you have to face as a decision maker.

Many homeowners overlook the importance of knowing which type will provide the best performance and visual appeal. When you only look at the decorative element and price factor, they are insufficient indicators. Knowing the different kinds is a very important element in the decision making process. When you spend sufficient time to study the important and relevant facts concerning paints and colors, you will be able to compare the pros and cons. End result will be an intelligent and well informed choice.

With regards to paints, what basic elements do you have to know? Paints are liquid protective coating consisting of pigments, binders, solvents and additives. Each ingredient has an important function to play in determining the type of finish. There are two types of paints, the latex or water based paint and the oil based paint. One important thing to remember when doing a repaint is only use oil based paint over latex based painted surfaces. Apply first an oil based primer f over an oil based painted surface before using a latex or acrylic type of house paint. Both paints have downside and upside character traits.

Water based paints are simple to apply. You can use them straight from the can. It is generally less expensive than the oil type. Most popular in the market are the acrylic latex paint based which has the best binders. Positive traits are splatter resistant, easy to apply and clean, eco-friendly, high chip resistant and odor free. It is available in many colors and sheens.

Oil based or alkyd paints are usually the ones used by professional painters. When compared with latex type, they are very durable and have a more distinctive look. It is stain resistant and is suitable for high traffic areas and interior trims and cabinets. Downside is it is bit difficult to work and clean up with. Moreover, it has a strong odor because of the solvent and takes longer time to dry.

Other types of paints are the elastomeric, Direct to Metal (DTM), epoxy, urethane and natural old fashioned paint. They serve special functions and ideal for different surfaces.

With regards to color combinations, you need to spend greater time if your priority is the creation of a special look, ambiance or mood. There are many online resources you can have access to. You can get many color combination ideas from photo galleries, from house paint color software which can provide you amazing virtual painting scenarios. You can capture how your rooms, furnishings and house interior and exterior will look in many different colors. You should also consider the different types of shades, from lighter to darker and monochromatic shades. Try to search the websites of paint companies and view their color charts. The popular colors are still the same with white or off white being the most versatile and adaptable color. Blue, green, beige, yellow are also the colors which project coolness, elegance and warmth. These colors are easy to match and to play up with artistically and creatively with the other interior decors in your house.

With regards your exterior paint, you should blend it with the color of your roof, your fence, garage and landscape. Whatever your preference depends on your taste and your personality. You can be innovative and creative. Develop your own one of a kind striking exterior color. Or you can be conservative and go along with the common colors used in your neighborhood.

Most important is your choice should be based on quality, durability and visual impact suited to your taste. Eventually, if your paints and colors do not peel off or fade out easily and last long, it can be said that you have made the best choice.