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Cellar Racks that Work and Don’t Break the Bank

Cellar Racks that Work and Don’t Break the Bank

Cellar Racks that Work and Don’t Break the Bank

Choosing wine storage racks depends on your taste in the latest kitchen trends and your specific needs.


for kitchen wine rack designs that will fit any size space? When storing wine, it’s crucial to preserve it in top condition, and the ideal place to store your collection is prominently displayed in a wine rack rather than tucked away in a cabinet. In a freestanding, specially built unit, a tiny frame that can be placed where you want it for ease of access or integrated wine racks that are part of your fitted kitchen design are all suitable locations. They should be stored slightly slanted and away from direct sunlight.


A  wine rack that is a stylish modern interpretation of a vintage old design from the 1950s. The central location makes the unit appear more decorative; the various coloured tops add the ideal design element, and the ribbed glass doors complete the retro atmosphere.

Kitchen Integrated

Why not have the wine rack wholly integrated into a kitchen dresser if you are having a kitchen planned and installed and you love wine? You can store all of your glasses in the side cupboard and decanters underneath the last shelf, making it both elegant and functional. We love how the shelf is made of bare wood, which contrasts with the panelling of the unit.

DIY wine rack

The terrible fact is that anyone wishing to build a wine cellar at home is dependent upon their own home, so it would be wise to assess if you can continuously maintain these perfect conditions throughout the year.

Keep the correct space between bottles.

The first and possibly most significant fact is that there are around 3.5 inches between each row (88.9 mm). Bottles of Burgundy, some Chardonnay, Champagne, etc., that are extraordinarily wide are frequently this exact width. In my experience, the number of bottles on each row and the row above it determines whether they fit or not (likely due to a slight compression). Since they cannot be forced into and out of the wine rack, most of these bottles are kept in our wine refrigerator.

Wine storage

Avoid storing wine in a location with bright indoor lighting or direct sunlight. Lighting is one technique to make choosing and viewing your collection more manageable. The kind of lighting employed is crucial. The heat produced by standard residential lights is bad, as we now know. Even worse for your wines are the sun’s rays. Keep your wine away from windows and other natural lighting sources.

The kitchen is the most logical location for a wine rack and is the last place you want to put your wine. Kitchens are often considered too warm for long-term wine storage because wine stores best at cellar temperature. A temperature-controlled space, such as a dining room, garage, basement, or cellar, is where a wine rack should be placed. If you want to hide your wine rack but need access to a garage or cellar-like room, an excellent place could be a pantry.