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Budget-friendly interior design trends for the holiday season

Budget-friendly interior design trends for the holiday season
Budget-friendly interior design trends for the holiday season

One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is decorating! You can turn your home into a winter wonderland and highlight the cosiness of Christmas as the outside gets darker and colder. Having a happy holiday season doesn’t require you to splash a lot of cash though. You’ve got enough stuff on your to-buy list! You can make the festive impact you’re after with these budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas.

Choose homely Christmas decorations

Picture of a living room with a wreath in front of bookshelves

Holiday decor isn’t about being fancy. There are plenty of opportunities for you to recreate decor trends whilst sticking to a budget. Of course, you can go with the traditional red, green and gold colour scheme using holly and jingle bells and other well-loved Christmas classics that you’re likely to find in second-hand shops. That’s not your only option though.

How about going down the icy winter wonderland route? You can switch up your colour scheme with blues and whites bringing in motifs like snowflakes and icicles. Snowflakes are some of the easiest paper Christmas decorations to make!

Another way to go down the DIY Christmas decorations route is to have a neutral and natural theme. Use what you find outside while on your winter walks like pine cones and the leaves from evergreen trees. Wreaths make beautiful handmade Christmas decorations and are mostly made up of natural materials like plants.

Bringing nature indoors has been an interior design trend throughout the year with living (plant) walls sitting at number 3 in our Trends Report. So why not incorporate it into Christmas or any other festival you might be celebrating at this time of year?

Embrace ‘Hygge’ Scandinavian design

Picture of a living room with minimalistic decor

Hygge is a staple in Scandinavian lifestyle and design and applies very well to the spirit of Christmas. It’s all about making your home warm and cosy so you can enjoy the small things and be together. It’s easy to become jaded by the chaos and commercialism of Christmas in the modern day so this mindset and design trend re-centres you.

Whether you’re looking for decoration ideas for your living room or bedroom, think small and intimate. Bring in natural materials like wood and greenery for that comfy and cosy but not overdone effect. Declutter and have central focuses like your favourite artwork or a snug area to curl up and watch Christmas films. You can still add interest through varying textures.

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Both those who want to keep it old school and those who want to explore more modern trends like Scandinavian design can create their desired effect firmly within budget. DIY where possible – it’s a great way to occupy the kids. Make the most of what nature has to offer. Give yourself the freedom to make the most of the holiday season by booking tradespeople through Rated People to deal with any maintenance issues or redecorating projects for you.