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Brighten up your car’s interior with the best car seat covers

Brighten up your car’s interior with the best car seat covers

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We all instinctively protect the things that are important to us. The interior of your car may be one of them. From protection to aesthetics, car seat covers can add function and style to your ride. Over time, the seats in your car will inevitably wear, but if you are someone who enjoys adding some spunk and personalization to your vehicle, a car seat cover could be a great solution. Car seat covers can provide added comfort to your seats, a pop of color, and provide protection from everyday wear and tear (or cover it up). Improve the interior of your car with our favorite car seat covers.

Here are great car seat covers for 2022

Gorla Car Seat Cover: Great waterproof option

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If you want to upgrade your car interior and give it a high-end feel, the Black Panther seat cover is right up your alley.

Its waterproof properties help prevent spills and sweat from staining your car seat. Unlike nylon seat covers, this seat cover doesn’t stick onto the body easily. The buckle strap integrated into the design ensures the seat cover fits on easily. With its non-slip backing, you can always trust the car seat cover to stay in place without sliding, bunching or slipping. Pet parents are also going to love this cover because it also protects against pet furs.

Key features:

Black Panther Car Seat Cover: Great premium pick

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If you want to upgrade your car interior and give it a high-end feel, the Black Panther seat cover is right up your alley.

The seat cover’s unique diamond-patterned embroidery adds aesthetic value as well as added durability to the fabric. The front pocket integrated into the seat cover offers convenient storage for smaller items like your wallet and phone. Each Black Panther car seat cover has two hooks and adjustable straps that make installation even easier.

Key features:

FH Group Car Seat Cover: Great color options

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This car seat cover comes in 12 different colors complemented with a black background so you can find one that easily fits your aesthetic.

Apart from the abundance of color options, you also get a semi-customized seat cover that fits most cars. Where most seat covers are neutral, this pick has options for those who enjoy a brighter accent for their interior. The seat cover’s 3mm foam padding and heat dispersal property ensure maximum comfort. It is made of polyester and works well with heated seats. Note that it is only compatible with seats with removable headrests

Key features:

  • It is made of breathable and washable material

  • The headrest and main seat cover attach via Velcro straps

  • Available in a dozen colors

  • Bench covers measure 52 inches in length

BDK Car Seat Cover: Great value

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Car seat covers don’t have to cost a fortune, and the BDK car seat cover is the perfect proof.

For less than $33, you get this complete nine-piece car seat cover set. It comes in a two-tone design that varies the car’s interior. You also don’t need to worry about overheating because the seat cover’s honeycomb mesh back offers enhanced ventilation.

Key features:

  • It is compatible with split benches

  • The polyblend material used is breathable

  • Installs in three easy steps

  • Padded foam back for added comfort

Copap Car Seat Cover: Great protection

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The Copap car seat cover is a top-of-the-line product that provides maximum protection for your seats and adds to its interior appeal.

The good thing about this cover is that the protection doesn’t stop with the seats. The steering wheel also gets a dedicated cover woven into bright and colorful patterns that are guaranteed to take a car’s interior from zero to 100 real quick. The cover’s 3mm foam padding means you’re in for a continuous dose of comfort and satisfaction. You also get a convenient storage pouch at the back of the front covers. These pouches help to keep the car decluttered.

Key features

  • The steering wheel cover measures 15 inches

  • Available in six designs

  • Made of breathable blanket material

  • It has seat belt compatible holes

Car seat covers buying guide

A car seat cover is exactly what it sounds like, a cover for your car seat. This buying guide walks you through the fit, colors, comfort (and more) of car seat covers to help you make a regret-free choice.

Why do you need car seat covers?

We’ve talked about the benefits of car seat covers, but this section explains them in more detail.

Refurbish damaged seats

If the seats are already damaged, it’s not all doom and gloom. All you need is a quality set of seat covers, and voila, your seats look as good as new.

Pet parents

Pet owners can take their pets around in their cars without worrying about claw marks once the seats are covered with tear-resistant covers. There’s also the problem of pet droppings staining your car. This problem is nothing a washable car seat cover can’t solve.


If your car is new and you want it to continue looking that way, car seat covers are your best bet. Protecting the seats from UV rays and other environmental factors that cause wear and tear help maintain the value of your vehicle.

How do you choose the best car seat covers?

From updating your interior’s look to adding protection from pet hair and spills, there are many qualities to consider when making a choice. Let’s check out some of the most crucial factors to consider before selecting one.


You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that car seats come in various sizes, and knowing your car’s fit should be your first consideration. There are two primary fits in car seat covers – custom fit and universal fit.

Custom car seat covers are designed to be semi-permanent covers for your seats. They fit so well that it is almost impossible to know they are actually covers and not the factory-fitted seats. Due to the level of precision required, custom car seat covers are more expensive than their universal counterparts. It also takes a bit of time to get them installed and uninstalled. However, the hassles may well be worth it if you consider how well it fits your seat.

Universal covers for car seats are designed to fit as many types of seats as possible. This is why they don’t fit quite as snugly as custom ones. If you are a lover of easy things, you’ll find joy in installing universal seat covers. They are better suited to users looking for a seat cover they can easily put on and remove. They are also more affordable than custom seat covers.


With the seat cover’s fit sorted, the material is our next focus. Unlike the fit that is restricted to two options, you have numerous material options, and admittedly, they can be overwhelming. Our job is to simplify it, and we’ll do that.

Faux leather, neoprene, and vinyl are some of the most common material types. Leather and its little brother (faux leather) need no introduction. Leather is elegant and has an unmatched aesthetic quality. Although it isn’t real leather, faux leather does a good job of giving an approximate feel and look of real leather at a pocket-friendly price.

Neoprene is a rubber-based material that is flexible and easy to install. It is waterproof and doesn’t easily get punctured.

Denim seat covers are unique but are a great option for people that want their car interior to look casual and chic. Most people that choose denim seat covers pick them for the unusual look they bring to the interior – you don’t sit on denim seats every day.


Don’t forget about your comfort. Admittedly, comfort is often not the primary reason for getting car seat covers. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort because you want to protect the seats or make the interior more appealing. Look for covers with paddings that cushion your body as you sit.


The color of your seat cover is something you’re bound to pay special attention to because it adds a custom element and may be useful in hiding certain stains. Thankfully, you have a lot of options available to you. You might consider a seat cover that matches your car’s interior to create a seamless interior style. If you are someone who wants bold contrast to personalize your car, bright pink, blues, and greens might be for you. Colors like black, dark brown, and burgundy are deep enough to hide stains.


There is no harm in car seat covers going above and beyond to offer additional perks. Extras like pockets found on the covers can make a world of difference. They help keep the hands free and, of course, make the car less cluttered. Some car seat covers also come with an additional wheel cover. If you find yourself in a fix trying to decide between two evenly matched sets of seat covers, you can consider these extras.

How to install car seat covers

Though your cover may come with its own unique installation tips, here is a general how-to for universal covers.

Follow these simple steps to install your universal car seat covers:

  • Remove the headrest first (skip this step if your headrest isn’t removable)

  • Slip the seat cover over the back of the seat

  • Make sure they are snug and well-fitted

  • Secure the hooks and loops

Note that there is a dedicated cover for removable headrests; remember to fix this cover before reattaching the headrest. Also, we recommend putting the cover in a well-ventilated place to air it out before installing.

How much do car seat covers cost?

Car seat covers generally cost between $20 to $250. Universal covers are the more affordable type and usually cost less than $100. Custom seat covers are usually more expensive, with the low-end being closer to $120 as they take more time to make.

Car seat cover FAQs

Q – Do car seat covers ruin car seats?

A – No, they shouldn’t. In fact, they’re made to do the opposite: they protect car seats from stains and spills. Be sure to install properly and clean/wash as needed to prevent any damage to the original car seats.

Q – Are all car seat covers the same size?

A – No, they are not. Custom seat covers are made to precisely fit the seats, while universal covers are made to different generic sizes.

Q -Can I use one seat cover for multiple cars?

A- Yes, as long as you’re using a universal fit cover.

Q – What is the best material for car seat covers?

A – The best material varies from one person to the other. However, we believe a good seat cover for cars should be durable and easy to clean, and leather seat covers (real and faux) fit the bill.

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