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Biodegradable Urns – Environment-Friendly For Burial

Biodegradable Urns – Environment-Friendly For Burial

Things are beginning to change. With the introduction of global warming, Americans are becoming more aware of their surroundings and how they treat the environment. In the United States, people are often partial to metal caskets. Along with this comes the fact that we are burying all that metal, 100,000 tons of steel worth. Compare this to burying paper based products that will break down.

Why opt for such an option rather than other forms of cremation urns? It is wonderful to have an alternative burial urn option of biodegradable and paper based materials. This allows you to choose to be less of a burden in the enviroemne4t after you die, which some people find great comfort in. Some people are choosing a completely green burial at cemeteries such as Fernwood. Where the body is placed in either a wooden casket or buried without a casket and only in clothes.

Biodegradable means that something is capable of decay through the action natural organisms. If cremation urns eliminate the funeral costs attached to traditional burial, bio urns are a good idea to eliminate some of the environmental issues linked to cremation rites. In short, these types of urns consider the fact that you need to scatter ashes to the sea or land.

It is true that the design, color and shape choices for biodegradable urns are the same as those offered by other forms. The only distinction is seen in how the former works. You may still opt to scatter the ashes to the sea by allowing the urn to sink in the water. The bio urn may be left sinking in the sea and will achieve full degradation in two days. If you opt to use the biodegradable urn by keeping it under the ground, it will degrade in a year’s time.

What are biodegradable burial urns? Biodegradable urns are part of the growing market for cremation urns and memorials. Such options are increasing in terms of popularity especially now that more people are concerned about the environment. Yes, environment-friendly urns are now good options to consider when burying a loved one. The Green Burial Concil is becoming more of an authority on green burial and more information can be found on their site.

Biodegradable urns are available in different shapes, sizes, materials and colors. You can choose from paper based products that are found in squares, vases and pillows. Many of the customizations options for memorials can also be used on biodegradable urns. Other shapes include sea shells, hearts and tubes. Some of these burial urns are simple to look at yet they serve the purpose of the one who will make use of these items. If you are conscious about your obligations to the environment, biodegradable urns are good ways to conduct cremation rites. Be glad that you have varied options when purchasing a memorial.