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Best Time of Year to Remove Moss from Roof

Best Time of Year to Remove Moss from Roof

Moss expansion is as unsafe to your roof as it is unpleasant. When moss commences rising on your roof, it can both of those eventually weaken asphalt or composite roof shingles and soak up water and keep it in spot. If there are any imperfections in the roofing content, that drinking water can locate its way beneath, to the underlayment, and then onto the decking.

This qualified prospects to leaks which can lead to complications with the construction of your roof, ceilings, and even the partitions of your property. The challenge with this damage is it does not happen right away. By the time you realize there’s an situation, it is likely far too late to fix the dilemma in advance of repairs are wanted.

To reduce moss hurt, it’s a excellent idea to clear away the moss as quickly as it seems. In some cases, the most effective time of year to clear away moss from the roof is in the summer time. Moss turns dormant during the drier temperature and will become much more brittle. This tends to make it less complicated to clear away manually, with a broom or a really light-weight pressure wash.

There is a faculty of considered that you must hold out right until the moss “growing time,” which is when the rains start out falling in the Slide and continues by way of the Spring. The purpose for this is that the moss is absorbing as substantially h2o as it can. If moss treatment options are used to the roof, they will be absorbed alongside with the rain.

Possibilities for Getting rid of Moss from Your Roof

Eradicating moss from your roof is a rather uncomplicated approach, just so long as you have not allow it get out of manage. When working with a broom (if your roof isn’t as well sloped), start off at the best and take out the moss by sweeping down the roof. Sweeping up could raise or if not destruction shingles.

Really don’t be much too intense since you could be brushing off the protective granules discovered in some roofing components. The very same with pressure washing–too substantially stress will do just as substantially destruction to your roof as the moss alone. When the even bigger clumps are eliminated, give your roof a wash with a mix of equal elements drinking water and chlorine bleach to destroy the remaining moss.

If you come to a decision to use substances to destroy the moss, some items come in containers that can be additional to the end of a backyard garden hose and sprayed from the ground amount (if you have sufficient water stress). Other merchandise may possibly have to have to be mixed and utilized when on the roof. Both way, once the moss is lifeless, you are going to nevertheless require to eliminate it from the roof.

Basic safety For the duration of Roof Moss Removal

Relying on how you want to get rid of the moss, both with chemical brokers or with a broom or pressure washer, the time of year might not make any difference. If you are executing the function by on your own, there’s additional to believe about than just roof moss removal. If your roof has a steep slope, do you really want to head up there when it’s raining cats and canines?

Over all, basic safety need to be an overriding component. It can be hard plenty of walking all over on your roof in the greatest disorders. When you throw in the moist temperature and sturdy winds of the Pacific Northwest, the prospect of moss removal with a broom will become all the less interesting.

Prevent Moss From Increasing

The greatest way to continue to keep moss from developing in the to start with position is to get preventive steps. Immediately after taking away all of the moss with a fantastic roof cleaning, you can insert copper or zinc strips to stop moss from escalating back again. When rain hits these goods, particles are released that kill moss prior to it gets a prospect to attain a foothold.

Another fantastic issue about the PNW? All of the huge, lush, leafy trees we have! But if all those trees are giving shade, or dropping leaves and twigs on your roof, that debris can hold drinking water in spot and give the moss a excellent surroundings for growth. Continue to keep overhanging limbs away from your roof and that will assistance keep your roof awesome and cleanse.