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Avoid Scams with the Help of BBB

Avoid Scams with the Help of BBB


Older People are the quickest escalating section of the population to be victimized by identification fraud and net techniques.Avoid Scams with the Help of BBB Every single day, con artists bombard the telephones, mailboxes, and e-mail accounts of more mature Us citizens. Keep on looking at to study how this comes about, and how you can prevent it! 


Prevalent Variety of Scam: Dwelling Restore

Anyone demonstrates up at your door supplying a wide range of solutions: maintenance your roof, pave your driveway, or remodel your house for a suspiciously lower selling price. These con artists will usually drive autos with out-of-point out license plates, do shoddy operate, and demand an exorbitant price tag. 


What NOT To Do

DO NOT give in to significant tension or psychological gross sales techniques. Make positive you read contracts completely and search for guidance if you never fully grasp them.


How to Shield You

  • Examine with your Much better Small business Bureau just before dealing with an unfamiliar enterprise
  • Inquire your BBB for a checklist of Accredited Firms in a unique sector before choosing a contractor or repairman
  • The contractor ought to be adequately licensed and insured



Majors Residence Enhancement is a BBB Accredited Small business with an A+ Rating

Majors House Advancement is a 2018 Torch Award for Ethics Winner. The Torch Award for Ethics software was made by the Better Business Bureau Foundation serving Northwest Florida to publicly recognize organizations and charities that preserve a strong dedication to conducting their business enterprise methods in an moral manner. For a lot more information on the Torch Mindful for Ethics, visit https://www.bbb.org/northwest-florida/packages-solutions/bbbnorthwest-florida-foundation/torch-award-for-ethics/

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