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Ask Danny: Ep. 13 | Top 5 Simple Solutions for Fall

Ask Danny: Ep. 13 | Top 5 Simple Solutions for Fall
Joe Truini and his five fall simple solutions
Joe Truini’s Top rated 5 Tumble Straightforward Methods are all about generating lawn get the job done less difficult. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

This 7 days, long-time friend and Today’s Home owner Radio Show co-host Joe Truini gives his Best 5 Slide Very simple Solutions.

Using a bicycle inner tube to hold the bag in a trash can.
A bicycle interior tube retains a trash bag in put. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

1. Continue to be-Open Leaf Bag

When raking leaves and placing them into a trashcan lined with a plastic bag, the pounds of the leaves tends to pull the bag down within the can. Each and every time you dump in leaves, you have to readjust the bag. 

To avert this from happening, put the bag in the trash can and fold its open close more than the can, as typical. 

Future, stretch a bicycle internal tube around the outside the house of the trash can to securely maintain the bag in location. 

Bicycle interior tubes are accessible in dimensions up to about 26-inch diameter, so you really should be in a position to come across a single to in good shape your trash can. 

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Raking leaves onto a tarp with wooden dowels
This basic tarp modification will make raking and gathering leaves less difficult — and faster — than ever. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

2. Simple, Successful Way to Decide Up Leaves

No matter if you use a rake or a leaf blower to acquire leaves, how do you quickly pick up the leaves and neatly dump them into a trashcan? 

Nicely, they make claws and all types of implements for buying up leaves — or you can just use a tarp.

Get a 4×8-foot tarp, fold it in 50 %, and then staple picket dowels on to the finishes to sort handles. 

Future, lay the tarp on the ground and rake the leaves on to the tarp. 

Then, grab with the handles, carry the overall pile of leaves and slide them into the trashcan.

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Joe Truini cleaning gutters with leaf blower and downspout
A leaf blower and some plastic downspout are all you have to have for the fastest and best way to thoroughly clean gutters. (3 Echoes Material Studio)

3. Quick Way to Clean up Gutters

Our upcoming Slide Basic Alternative is a clever way to clear gutters employing a 10-foot duration of a vinyl downspout. 

Start by making use of a pair of snips to lower the close of the downspout, then pinch it shut with duct tape. This will develop extra electric power and force at the finish. 

Now, slip the opposite close of the downspout onto the leaf blower and you’re completely ready to electric power-blast your gutters clean. 

You can blow out 8 to 10 ft of gutter from one particular position to possibly aspect, this means you’ll only have to transfer the ladder maybe as soon as or twice to clear the gutters alongside the entire home. 

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Grass seed in a berry container
A slotted berry container is a fantastic device to evenly distribute grass seeds. (3 Echoes Content material Studio)

4. Do it yourself Grass Seed Shaker

Fall is the greatest time of year to sow grass seed for the reason that of the combine of warm soil and interesting air.

Here’s a idea for above-seeding any bare or skinny places on your garden. 

Get started by getting a smaller plastic clam-shell berry container, the sort that supermarkets use to sell blueberries and raspberries. The containers have compact slotted drainage slots that are best for distributing grass seeds. 

Just dip the berry container in a seed bag, close the lid, and carefully shake it over the bare spots. You are going to get a awesome, even distribution of seeds, without wasting seeds. 

Future, rake the seeds into the soil, h2o the place, and go over with mulch hay.  

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Simple solution drill a hole into a garbage can to reduce suction
Drilling holes into the facet of a rubbish can is a swift and effortless way to decrease suction. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

5. Non-Suctioning Garbage Can

Most people today collect leaves by merely dumping them into a substantial plastic bag inside a trash can.

And there is absolutely nothing completely wrong with that besides when you go to clear away the entire bag of leaves — the bag sorts suction at the bottom, creating it challenging to yank out the bag.  

So, here’s how to break that vacuum so the bag slides proper out: Just take a 5/8-inch diameter drill little bit and drilled a series of holes all over the outside of the can and also in the base. 

The holes will allow for air to movement into the can, breaking the vacuum. 

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