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AMR Electrical power Meter

AMR Electrical power Meter

The expression AMR is an acronym for Automatic Meter Reading through. The expression GSM is the acronym for Normal Mobilephones Common while the acronym SMS stand for Small-Concept-Company.

The AMR GSM primarily based Energy Meter are Intercontinental Electromechanical Commission (IEC) and American American Nationwide Specifications Institute (ANSI) kind that is using SMS communications to go through strength usage, disconnect and reconnect ability offer and report electrical power intruders.

The Strength Meter is having non risky memory to secure info even if energy source is disconnected. It has lithium kind of battery to guidance designed-in clock and calendar which is necessity in obtaining information details.

This meter is the electronic type with out any shifting sections like the previous Electromechanical Meters. The noticeable edge for this electronic meter does not will need to be re calibrated each and every 3 years. A terrific savings on routine maintenance expenses with for a longer time lifespan that can get to up to 15 yrs for electronic meters.

The Manage Centre is geared up with Pc components and installed with computer application software to handle meter handle and info communications and utilization. The AMR Server is responsible to transmit Shorter-Information-Assistance (SMS) code to the meters to read every use furthermore been given facts transmitted by the meters. The other undertaking of the AMR Server is to transfer load credit score to every meters since the meters need to have constantly plenty of load credit rating to transmit SMS.

The AMR Server is outfitted with many GSM modems and just about every modem is capable to transmit 6 to 11 SMS for every minute. In get to have the highest velocity and effectiveness of communications in between the Handle Centre and the meters, the quantity of GSM modems currently being applied will depend upon the number of meters handled.

All SMS communications will stick to the typical Telecom company level. If there are huge amount of the meters made use of in the project, the load credit rating can be negotiated with your neighborhood desired Telecom for much less expensive level or far better provide.

The postpaid metering is greatest suited for individuals located in challenging terrain or individuals not located in highrise constructing or Condos. This meter does not need a Knowledge Concentrator and Information Collector like the standard AMR structural set up.

In Prepaid metering, the Manage Heart can ship SMS command to the meter to adjust in Prepaid metering method. Below Prepaid manner, the meter demands Pay as you go KWh credit history in buy to source energy to the client. If KWh Prepaid credit history is pretty much exhausted, the meter Lcd display will saved on blinking every single 5 minutes. The client ought to obtain KWh Pay as you go credit rating to closest recharge center to replenish the depleting KWh load credit score.

These meters are accredited IEC62052-11, IEC62053-21 intercontinental standards and pass the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) typical in the Philippines.

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