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All About ROCKWOOL Insulation (Special Podcast)

All About ROCKWOOL Insulation (Special Podcast)
Rockwool stone wool insulation package in foreground with construction worker installing insulation batt on home's exterior in background
Stone wool’s audio-absorbing and hearth-resistant attributes make for efficient insulation. (ROCKWOOL)

In this unique Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re chatting all about stone wool insulation with Dan Edelman, Rockwool’s National Organization Enhancement Manager.

Stone wool insulation is hearth-resistant and non-combustible, offering your spouse and children far more time to properly escape a house hearth. (ROCKWOOL)

What is ROCKWOOL insulation?

Dan: ROCKWOOL insulation is a rock-based mineral fiber insulation comprised of Basalt rock and Recycled Slag. Basalt is a volcanic rock (considerable in the earth), and slag is a by-item of the metal and copper business. The minerals are melted and spun into fibers.

ROCKWOOL items incorporate involving 16% or 40% pre-shopper recycled material dependent on the ROCKWOOL production facility locale.

The sum of recycled content is optimized to give the excellent thermal, acoustic, and fireplace safety attributes from ROCKWOOL solutions, even though continue to maximizing the recycled content.

ROCKWOOL’s Heritage

Rockwool factory in Byhalia, Mississippi
Rockwool’s manufacturing facility in Byhalia, Overlook., was the company’s initial output operation in the United States. (3 Echoes Written content Studio)

Dan: ROCKWOOL corporation began in 1937 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the enterprise expanded to the North American industry in 1988.

So, our product is reasonably new to North America, but traditionally it’s been around for really some time now. We just opened up a new superior factory in Ranson, West Virginia. 

All of our factories are zero waste-to-landfill, and since stone wool insulation is hydrophobic, we use recycled rainwater to slash it. Even our factories that are wind- and h2o-powered are self-generating.

You can uncover out much more about how our sustainable factories get the job done on ROCKWOOL’s Sustainability webpage.

Benefits of Stone Wool Insulation

Not only is Rockwool insulation extremely fire-resistant, it also performs to have fireplace and protect against its spread. (Rockwool)

Dan: ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is obviously fireplace-resistant for the reason that it is built from rock. We really don’t have to include any fire retardants or chemical substances that boost flammability, so it is under no circumstances going to have a flame and has zero smoke improvement.

An additional benefit is mold resistance. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation actually repels water. There will normally be moisture in the air, particularly when you are speaking about crawlspaces and attics.

Getting able to repel that humidity away and eternally currently being a mold and mildew-resistant merchandise, it’s heading to aid with the longevity of your wall assembly as properly.

Attic Insulation

An interior view of a house attic under construction with stone wool insulation
An attic is a single of the most price-effective locations to add insulation. (ROCKWOOL)

Dan: ROCKWOOL insulation batts come in 16-inch on middle or 24-inch on heart by 47 or 48 inches very long, which is the ideal dimensions for insulating attics. They match beautifully in between the studs, so you get that full cavity insulation.

Action 1 when setting up attic insulation is to inspect the latest insulation. Make guaranteed there is no moisture, mildew mildew, rodent droppings or rodents residing there. Rodents never generally treatment for ROCKWOOL insulation. 

Soon after inspection, simply lay the batts down perpendicular to the joists, particularly if the present insulation is only to the joists.

If the present insulation is underneath the joists, you are going to want to fill up to the joist line so you get a lot more continual insulation.

ROCKWOOL insulation normally has a 4.2 to 4.3 for each inch R-benefit, so you basically don’t want really as much to strike the larger R-benefit. Having said that, we have merchandise with a increased R-benefit mainly for attics.

Rockwool Stone Wool Insulation Safe n Sound
Rockwool Safe’n’Sound is intended specifically for seem dampening to aid prevent sound from touring. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

What About Audio Insulation?

Dan: The greatest point for seem insulation is density and mass, each of which ROCKWOOL has. 

The other section to audio insulation is friction match, how restricted it suits in that wall cavity. If you have just one space that you can’t insulate appropriately, all the audio is heading by means of that just one segment and you’re lowering that sound insulation.

For extra info on ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation, go to ROCKWOOL.com and examine out our All About Insulation webpage.

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