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A Guide To Making Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

A Guide To Making Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Finding the perfect combination of comfort, class, and extravagance for your bathroom isn’t always an easy thing to do. Fortunately, with brands like lussostone.com available, you have the ability to cultivate that style and luxury through well-crafted and elegant bathroom fixtures. But what other methods and tricks can you implement to transform your bathroom into what looks like and feels like a five-star experience? 

Read our guide to making your bathroom look more expensive to find out. 

A Guide To Making Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

Choose The Right Style Of Tiling 

Your tiling can set the tone for the rest of the bathroom. In fact, choosing a lesser-used style like giant square tiles or smaller diagonal tiles can create a more bespoke feel to your space. Both of these tiling options can also unlock the space of the bathroom and make it appear more spacious and luxurious. 

Embrace The Look Of Larger-scale Art

People make the mistake of putting too much art up on their bathroom walls. However, the real key to that extra luxury look is to put up one single large-scale piece of art that can serve as a focal point for the bathroom. 

This works especially well in smaller bathrooms, where its appeal shifts the focus of guests and allows the bathroom to breathe instead of feeling tight and cramped. Take the time to get your piece framed properly in order to maintain that extra luxury feel and prevent steam damage. 

Consider A Big Lighting Fixture 

While there’s nothing wrong with making use of LED lighting strips around your smaller bathroom features or vanity mirrors, having one large fixture for light gives off that perfect combination of expense and minimalism. 

Lights like this are highly effective as, despite their presence, no actual space is being taken up in the bathroom. 

Don’t Overlook Towels And Containers 

Sometimes, it’s the smaller touches that really define a bathroom. And when it comes to giving your bathroom that extra special VIP feel, your towels and containers can make all the difference. 

Yes, matching soap dispensers and toothbrush holders are a given (for a little extra class, look for ways to tint your vanity mirror with the same colours as these containers too!), but the way in which you display other essentials like lotions and soaps can redefine the style of your bathroom with minimum effort. 

Look into glass jars and containers with a soft but inviting hue. Consider adding three of these to your bathroom to hold any daily essentials. 

For your towels, don’t skimp on the price and find something comforting and soft. Make sure you have at least 3 different sizes of towels that are easily accessible in a neat fashion. Consider one towel on the floor with some stylish trim for that final expensive touch. 

Following these tips and ideas can add a new dimension to your bathroom. But don’t overlook the need for comfort and relaxation that can only come with good quality durable baths, sinks, and other fixtures. Not only are they in constant style, but their long-lasting quality will benefit you and your guests time and time again.