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4 Bands Similar To Lemon Jelly

4 Bands Similar To Lemon Jelly

If you are looking for artists who produce music similar to Lemon Jelly, a British electronic duo, then here are four examples closely related in their stylistic origins. Regardless of the uniqueness of each artist, which results in a slightly different mood and overall sound, these artists have much in common, and you might stumble upon something worth adding to your music library.

Mr. Scruff

Mr. Scruff aka Andy Carthy is a British DJ and artist. Having also studied fine art at the Sheffield University, he has been actively DJ-ing since 1994. What makes Mr.Scruff so similar to Lemon Jelly, is his cheerful eclectic style, which combines elements of electronic and acoustic music genres. In addition, Mr. Scruff is the author of all his so-called “potato style” artwork and animated music videos, which form an important part of his brand.

Nightmares On Wax

Nightmares On Wax consists of George Evelyn aka DJ EASE from United Kingdom, who mixes together soul and hip hop. The smooth rhythms and beats are an essential part of his signature sound, carrying a laid-back and relaxed mood.

Despite the high similarity to the early sound of Lemon Jelly, especially to the album “LemonJelly.Ky”, Nightmares On Wax is probably a bit more dreamy and slower-paced in its style. However, the way that EASE has captured the essence of chilling out is remarkable, and his albums “Smokers Delight” and “Carboot Soul” have earned him wider recognition both in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

Sofa Surfers

Sofa Surfers is an Austrian band, whose music contains elements of trip-hop, blending smooth jazz with dub and electronic sounds. Sofa Surfers can be identified as a darker-colored alternative to Lemon Jelly, with its ambient, atmospheric, and distorted sounds. The tracks range from relaxed and chilled-out to more techno-like and harsh-sounding compositions. Nevertheless, the majority of their music is soft and calm, creating a soothing and unique environment of skillfully composed sounds.

DJ Mark Farina and his “Mushroom Jazz” compilation series

Mark Farina is a DJ from United States, who produces house, acid jazz, and also downtempo music. One of his most popular works is the “Mushroom Jazz” compilation series, where he has created remixes of numerous downtempo, hip hop, jazz, and R&B artists. Although it may sound stylistically more like an acid jazz than a downtempo recording, it is emotionally similar to Lemon Jelly, filled with a laid-back sense of joy and playfulness.

This list is just a small selection of the possible alternatives. But once you investigate the music of those aforementioned artists, you will most likely find other similar artist to Lemon Jelly on the way.