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10 Tips For Creating Decorative Vignettes

10 Tips For Creating Decorative Vignettes

One way to add distinct flair to a room is by creating a vignette-a grouping of treasured items arranged artistically on a table, shelf, or piece of furniture. From framed beach photos and a few seashells to a lush collection of antique pottery, vignettes can add layers of interest in any room. They can express the mood of the space from whimsical to elegant and are a real opportunity to showcase items that represent your personality and likes. Though vignettes are highly personal, here some guidelines that would work for nearly any artistic grouping of items.

  1. Work in odd numbers. Usually 3, 5, or 7 works best.
  2. Vary the heights of each item. In most cases you do not want any two items with the same height.
  3. You can try a one-item vignette: This is when you use the same items at different heights and sizes. For example, a group of vases that are the same basic style but in different shapes or colors.
  4. One-color vignettes are a group of complementary or similar items of the same color. An example of a complementary vignette would be a combination of a white antique mirror with white candlesticks and candles, and a white pitcher with white flowers. An example of similar would be a grouping of all white vases in varying heights and shapes.
  5. For the most part you want to create depth with your vignette. (Although some vignettes work well in rows.) A typical rule would be to put the tallest item in the back and move each item forward from tallest to smallest.
  6. Dried or real flowers are always a nice addition to your vignette. It adds life, dimension and possibly a delightful aroma. You can create a whole vignette just using plants and flowers.
  7. Use great books to add texture and height. If the items that you are using don’t quite balance out, use a few stacked books to even out the heights. The books should be relevant to you, or to the space or design of the vignette.
  8. One-texture or one-pattern vignettes are basically the same concept as same color vignettes except that you are working with items of one basic texture. For example, a grouping of all baskets or a group of patterned pitchers.
  9. Always keep in mind you want to complement your environment. So you may not want to place a Disney vignette into your formal dining room. Unless you are going for a whimsical touch-vintage cookie jars and copper cookie cutters on a hutch make a conversation-worthy display. Study the space and chose items that will accent it.
  10. Make sure your vignette does not overpower the space (unless it is part of a focal point). Vignettes are a lovely addition to a room but are not meant to draw all the attention.